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World War Orphans Day is observed every year on 6 January. This day reminds the world how important it is to take care of orphan children. This day is very important for children who are going through a bad face of their lives due to wars and other crises. Many programs are also organized on this day to focus society’s attention on orphan children. Along with this, people are also encouraged to fulfil their needs.


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History of World War Orphans Day:-

World War Orphans Day was initiated by the French organization, SOS Enfants en Deters. On this day global communities address war orphans. The day highlights the lives of many children, who are affected by the consequences of the war and are forced to live their lives without families. Also, take steps for a better future. In addition, UNICEF and the Global Partnership define an orphan as a child under the age of 18 who has lost a parent for some reason.


World War Orphans Day


When is World War Orphans Day 2022:-

On the occasion of this special day, we have seen special programs are held in India and the entire world to raise their hand for these orphans. World War Orphans Day is falling on 6th January 2022.


Purpose of celebrating World War Orphans Day:-

The purpose of celebrating World War Orphans Day is to spread awareness among the people. Also to address the crises faced by orphans or children in war. On the other hand, children growing up in orphanages often face emotional and social discrimination, due to which they suffer mental distress. Therefore, on this day, awareness is spread about such children in society. Apart from this, care is also taken that no child should suffer, die of hunger and disease.

Objectives of celebrating this day-

  • The day aims to address war orphans.
  • This day brings forward the growing humanitarian and social crisis which is happing around us and in the world.
  • The day is to remind us of the bad consequences of war which majorly affect the children’s lives.
  • This day ensures the prophecy of the orphans of war.
  • It is seen that children who are growing up in orphanages experience physical, social and emotional barriers.


World War Orphans Day


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Conclusion (World War Orphans Day):-

World War Orphans Day is a day to remember these children whose lives have been ruined by the war. Each one of these children is precious. They all deserve a future. They also have the right to fulfil their dreams. We should be kind to them and support them in such conditions. We should try to make this world a better place to live in.

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