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World No Tobacco Day is a kind of celebration which is celebrated every year on 31st May by WHO (World Health Organization) all over the world to spread awareness against tobacco. World No Tobacco Day all over the world to make people easily aware of all the troubles and health complications caused by chewing tobacco or smoking to make people all over the world tobacco-free and healthy and to save them from all health hazards was started.

Tobacco is a slow poison, which makes the person’s body weak and hollow from inside. Due to which a person becomes a victim of all kinds of deadly diseases, and many times the person has to face death due to it. Therefore, every year 31 May is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day to make people aware about the ill effects of tobacco. On this day, camps are organized at different places, many programs are organized.


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Why is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?:-

May 31 is celebrated worldwide as World No Tobacco Day. If we talk about its effect, then the use of tobacco and other intoxicants has a very bad effect on our bodies. More than 13 million people die every year due to the continuous use of tobacco. Tobacco use has become a serious problem. Tobacco use is a problem not only in one country but in the whole world. Every year many people are affected by oral cancer in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, due to which the people here use an excessive amount of tobacco.


What is the History of World No Tobacco Day?:- 

In order to save the people of the whole world from the dangers of tobacco and make them aware of the dangers of tobacco World Health Organization (WHO) has started World No Tobacco Day was started. On May 31, 1987, for the first time, World No Tobacco Day was organized all over the world, after which World No Tobacco Day was celebrated every year in different countries of the whole world.

31 May is celebrated as No Tobacco Day across the world. Today we are all fighting many types of serious diseases due to bad food and weak immunity. Tobacco weakens our health and reduces our immune system. Therefore the World Health Organization declared 31 May as No Tobacco Day by passing a resolution named WHA 42.19. However, earlier on May 7, 1987, the World Health Organization decided to celebrate No Smoking Day by passing a resolution named WHA 40.38. But in 1988 the World Health Organization passed a new resolution WHA 42.19 and declared No Tobacco Day.


World No Tobacco Day


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How is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?:-

On 31 May, World No Tobacco Day is celebrated every year under the supervision of the World Health Organization (WHO), people are made aware by marches, exhibitions, flags, banners in public places in different countries, some countries’ governments also participate in these programs. Theatrical performances, discussions on the harms of tobacco, speeches are also organized by the people, in which people are told about the harms caused by tobacco and at the same time people should be conscious of their health, people should take care of themselves and others. People also kept alerting about its bad consequences, this is the main purpose of celebrating World No Tobacco Day.


What is tobacco?:-

Everyone has heard about tobacco and the point of sarcasm is that everyone is aware of its harm, yet many people especially the youth use it excessively. Tobacco is prepared from the leaves of Nicotiana species. It is very dangerous for the body. People eat, drink, chew and use it in different ways. Taking gutka, tobacco, cigarette, bidi, mixed with paan etc. are its forms. Tobacco contains a poisonous substance called nicotine. This substance is poisonous as well as a narcotic, once it is used, it becomes an addiction in the future. Then it is very difficult for a person to get out of this addiction. Sometimes this tobacco takes the life of a person. We are not scaring you but we are making you aware of tobacco.

Tobacco is widely used in India and abroad. At the same time, the number of people who lost their lives due to this tobacco is also increasing. India is home to 12% of the world’s tobacco users. In India alone, 90 lakh people lose their lives due to tobacco. There are 34.6% of adults in India who smoke, of which 47.9% are males and 20.3% are females. Of the 14% of adults, 24.3% of males and 2.9% of females use tobacco in the smoke. Out of 25.9 percent of adults, 32.9 percent of men and 18.4 percent of women smoke without tobacco. India ranks second in the world in the production of tobacco and China holds first place. Together these two countries produce 50 percent tobacco of the whole world. The country of India places it third in the use of tobacco. You can guess from all this data that how much is a need to celebrate No Tobacco Day in our country.


World No Tobacco Day


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Effects of Tobacco:-

Tobacco is also called slow poison. It slowly leads the person to death. According to doctors, there are about 7000 types of chemicals in its smoke, which can cause 50 types of cancer. Consuming tobacco has a very bad effect on our bodies. About 1 billion people use tobacco. One in ten people dies every year from consuming it. Its adverse effect is most on the lungs. Oral cancer, head cancer, liver diseases can also occur due to its consumption.


Problems caused by tobacco:

  • Respiratory distress.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Being tired
  • Not sleeping properly
  • Stay tense.
  • Having a throat problem.
  • Prolonged cough.
  • Sometimes bleeding while coughing.
  • Risk of getting cancer.


How can I give up the habit of addiction?

If you do the following measures, then you can easily quit the addiction or addiction:-

  • First of all, make a decision in your mind that you want to quit smoking.
  • Medical methods can be used.
  • De-addiction centres can be helped.
  • You can also resort to chewing gum, spray or inhaler to quit intoxication.
  • Include foods rich in antioxidants in the diet.
  • Try to be as busy as possible to quit tobacco.


Final Thoughts on World No Tobacco Day:-

We hope that you too will definitely contribute to World No Tobacco Day. You will definitely inspire someone to quit smoking or tobacco just for your contribution. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware. If people start using tobacco, then one day the chances of getting cancer in their mouth keep increasing. You must also support the cause of the World Health Organization.


World No Tobacco Day

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