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World Braille Day:- Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille script language, was born in France on January 4, 1809. To remember him and for his contributions, Louis’ birth anniversary is celebrated every year on 4 January as World Braille Day. Today is the birthday of the great scientist Louis Braille, who enabled millions of blind people in the world to read and write. Louis Braille is the same person who invented the Braille script at the age of just 15. This occasion is celebrated as Braille Day all over the world. Louis Braille of France himself was blind. Due to which he was unable to read and write. But he did not let his fate become his compulsion. And invented a script that changed the lives of the blind around the world. He developed a separate script for the blind to read and write and got the name Braille script. With this invention, millions of blind people were able to achieve a place in their lives by reading and writing. At a young age, this invention brought light to the lives of people, that is why on the occasion of his birthday, every year on January 4, World Braille Day is celebrated.


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How Braille script invented? (World Braille Day):-

Braille script is a combination of codes that use words to represent letters that can be recognized by touch (World Braille Day). Louis Braille was a French man who lost his eyesight in an accident at a very young age and became blind. Braille became blind at a young age, so he did his further studies using a blind system. It was a complex system that required a lot of training and people were only allowed to read, not write. Disappointed by this, at the age of only 15, Braille invented the Braille code. Since Braille is a code, all languages ​​and subjects such as mathematics, computer programming and some subjects like music can be read and written with the help of Braille code. (World Braille Day)


What is Braille script? (World Braille Day):-

Braille is a writing method. It was created for blind persons. Braille is a tactile writing system. It is written on a special type of raised paper. It was designed by French blind teacher and inventor Louis Braille (World Braille Day). This method has been named Braille script after him. Braille has raised dots. These are known as ‘cells’. There are small bumps at some points. The arrangement and number of these two separate characters are decided. The mapping of Braille may be different in each language. (World Braille Day)

The idea of ​​Braille script came to Louis’s mind after meeting Captain Charles Barbier of the French Army. Actually, Charles had told Louis about the night writing and sonography of the soldiers to be read in the dark. This script was embossed on paper and was based on 12 points. Based on this, Louis modified it and converted that script into 6 points and invented the Braille script. Louis also added punctuation marks to streamline the script and symbols needed to write musical notation.


World Braille Day


Advantages of Braille script (World Braille Day):-

After the invention of the Braille script, the lives of blind, visually impaired or partially blind people around the world became much easier (World Braille Day). With the help of this many people could stand on their feet who might not have been able to do anything without this script. Louis Braille will be remembered forever, for creating the Braille script for the blind. Louis himself was also blind, eliminating the difficulty of reading the blind by the creation of the Braille script.


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How ​​Louis Braille did get the idea of the Braille script? (World Braille Day):-

Explain that under Braille, a code is made from raised dots, which consists of three lines of 6 dots. In these the code of this entire system is hidden. It is said that the idea for the Braille script came to the mind of Louis Braille because of a captain in Napoleon’s army, Charles Barbier, who visited his school (World Braille Day). He shared a technique called ‘night writing’ with the children, with the help of which soldiers used to avoid enemies. Under this, they used to exchange secret messages on raised points.


World Braille Day


Captain Charles Barber was the real father of Braille script (World Braille Day):-

Braille script was developed by one Louis Braille, but this script was first developed by Captain Charles Barber with the help of sonography and night reading techniques so that soldiers could easily read letters and messages by touch during battle, even in the dark and they can take it to forward to the higher commanding officers. Drawing original inspiration from his script, Louis Braille desired to meet with Captain Charles Barber from Pastor Ballantyne, and when they met, Louis Braille asked him to make some corrections to his script that would help in improving the visual acuity and soldier as well. The Captain accepted these reforms and as a result, we and our blind people got Braille script.


What is the constitutional significance of Braille script? (World Braille Day):-

The Braille script is not a common script as the Braille script has a constitutional significance of its own. Braille script is a very powerful and effective medium of communication for the visually impaired, under Section-2 of the Conversion of Persons with Disabilities, which is considered essential for the expression of feelings, freedom of thought and written communication by the blind. By fulfilling this, the socio-economic development of our blind is decided as mentioned in sections 21 and 24 of the conversion.


Why did Louis Braille adopt the 6-dot technique instead of the 12-dot?:-

Louis Braille, due to the convenience of reading and writing for the blind, adopted the 6-dot technique instead of the 12-dot technique so that our blind can easily write and read using this script, whereas, In the 12-dot technique, there were many complications, to avoid this, Louis Braille, chose the 6-dot technique and invented the Braille script.


World Braille Day


Louis Braille died at the age of 43:-

At the age of 43, Louis Braille died Louis Braille, in 1852, was diagnosed with T B and this was the cause of his death, due to which he had to leave the world at the age of 43, but his effort In 1868, the Royal Institute for the Blind Youth gave official recognition to the Braille script.


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