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Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

Shri Krishna Janmashtami:-

Shri Krishna was born in the Rohini Nakshatra of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Bhadrapada. Janmashtami festival is considered very important in Hinduism since ancient times. It is believed that Shri Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Who killed many demons in Dwapara Yuga.

Also, it is the same Supreme Purushottam God who gave knowledge of Gita to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Today the whole world is taking advantage of the knowledge of the Gita. According to Hinduism, Lord Shri Krishna is considered to be the one who gives salvation.

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History of Shri Krishna Janmashtami:-

It is believed that a very important reason for the incarnation of Shri Krishna was the slaughter of Kansa. Kansa had a loveable sister, named Devaki. Kansa was returning to the palace after getting her sister married. Only then did Akashvani say, Oh Kansa, the eighth child from the womb of this dear sister will be the cause of your death. So Kansa put his sister in prison. As soon as Devaki gave birth to a child, Kansa killed him instantly.

When Mata Devaki has given birth to her eighth child (Shri Krishna), Vasudeva got worried that Kansa will kill this child as well but all of sudden all the locks and chains of the prison were broken by the Lord Vishnu’s Maya. Mr. Vasudeva took his child to the Nand Baba’s palace in Mathura. A girl was born there. She was the incarnation of Kanya Maya.

Vasudev returns to the prison of Kansa with that girl. Kansa saw the girl and threw her on the ground with a desire to kill her. As soon as she was thrown down, the girl jumped into the air and said that Kansa Tera Kaal has left from here. He will also end you after some time. I am only Maya. This happened after some time, Lord Krishna came to Kansa’s palace and ended it there.

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When is Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2021:-

On the occasion of the Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival, we have seen an official holiday in a few of the states in India. According to the Hindu Panchang, Shri Krishna Janmashtami is falling on 30th August 2021.

Importance of Shri Krishna Janmashtami:-

Janmashtami is very important. All Vaishnavas observe Janmashtami fast. Janmashtami is said to be fasting in the scriptures, i.e. it is considered to be the best fast among the fasts. On this day people fast for the attainment of sons, children, salvation, and Bhagavad. It is believed that fasting on Janmashtami brings blessings of prosperity, longevity and happiness. At the same time, devotion towards Lord Shri Krishna also increases. Fasting on Janmashtami results in many fasts.

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What is Shri Krishna Janmashtami?

It is clear from the name Krishna Janmashtami that Lord Krishna Ji’s birthday is. Krishna Janmashtami is related to Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, the god of Hinduism. It is believed that Shri Krishna was born on earth to kill King Kansa of demonic tendency due to increasing sin and tyranny in the world. On the day of Ashtami in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada, Lord Shri Krishna was born at 12 o’clock in the night.

Why is Shri Krishna Janmashtami celebrated?

Lord Krishna was born in imprisonment, being a deity, he had strong power. That night his father Vasudev brought him to Yashoda and then he was brought up by Yashoda while his birthplace was Devaki. Lord Shri Vishnu incarnated Krishna to protect the devotees. It is the practice of the world that if any historical work happens, then they start celebrating it every year in the form of a festival. Krishna Janmashtami means that on this day Krishna ji was born, but no importance in celebrating him has been mentioned in the scriptures.

Life of Lord Krishna Ji:-

By looking briefly, we find that Krishna Ji was the eighth child of Devaki-Vasudeva. Since at that time Devaki and Vasudev were imprisoned by Kansa, the king of demon propensity, therefore, leaving Krishna Ji, Vasudev Ji came to Yashoda that night. In this way, Krishna was brought up under the supervision of Yashoda and Nand Ji.

Krishna Janmashtami 2020 Hindi: Krishna Ji killed demons and protected people. At that time, King Kansa, who was really the maternal uncle of Krishna ji, was also killed by Shri Krishna Ji himself. The name of Krishna Ji comes with another important event which is the war of Mahabharata. This war took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Shri Krishna Ji tried as much as possible to stop the war but the war did not stop and the battle of Mahabharata took place in which the Pandavas emerged victoriously.

Before the start of the war, Krishna, who became the charioteer of Arjuna, when he saw Arjuna’s heart and mind distracted from the imagination of the slaughter of his loved ones, then Lord Krishan gave the Gita knowledge to Arjun.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami

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