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Shardiya Navratri 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

After the Navratri of Chaitra month, special importance is given to the Navratras of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. The Navratri is a festival of Shakti worship, in which the devotees of Mata keep fast for nine days and worship the nine forms of Durga Mata. According to the scriptures, if a seeker worships Goddess Durga in these nine days with full devotion, then all the sufferings of her life are removed and they also get all the happiness of life, then let us know about Shardiya Navratri.

In this festival of Shakti and Bhakti, everyone worships Maa Bhagwati according to reverence and strength. The land is purified for Kalash installation. Cow dung and Ganges water is used to pure and clean the land. According to the law, Akshat and Kumkum are put together at this place. The urn is installed on it. After this, the unbroken flame is lit, which burns up to the entire Navratra.

Importance of Shardiya Navratri: –

The festival of Navratri is considered a holy and important festival. Whether it is Chaitra Navratri or Shardiya Navratri, both are very important. During this time, all 09 Avatars of Durga Mata’s are worshiped. It is said that, by worshiping the Goddess Durga in Navratri, the devotee gains powers. This time is considered very special for those who want to attain astrology or divine attainments. It is believed that the Goddess Durga is so happy during these nine days and she gives blessing to her devotees, fulfills their wishes, and brings auspiciousness to their family.

Shardiya Navratri

History of Shardiya Navratri:-

The nine forms of Durga are worshiped with great pomp in Navratri, on the first date of Ashwin month Shukla Paksha. Since the time of Sanatan, the date of Shardiya Navratri is fixed on the first date of Ashwin month. For nine days, the nine Nakshatras and the nine powers of Durga Maa are worshiped with renewed devotion. It is believed that Lord Rama first started the worship of Shardiya Navratras on the seashore. After nine consecutive days of worship, Lord Rama finished the worship and departed with the aim of conquering Lanka and Lord Rama got the victory over Lanka. This is the reason that all the devotees celebrate the Dussehra festival on the tenth day after the Sharadiya Navratras.


Shardiya Navratri 2021 dates:-

On the occasion of the Shardiya Navratri Festival, we have seen an official holiday on Ashtami & Navami (08 & 09th day of the festival) in many of the states in India. According to the Hindu Panchang, Shardiya Navratri is falling from 07th October to 15th October 2021.

Shardiya Navratri

Method of Installing the urn on Shardiya Navratri:-

First, put soil in a vessel. Then put barley seeds in the soil and then spread some more soil over it, and sprinkle some clean water or Gangajal. Now take a Kalash, and make a swastika on it, and then tie Kalawa (Molly). Now add flowers, durva, and whole betel nuts, coin, pancharatna, and perfume. Apply mango leaves around the Kalash mouth, and sprinkle rice over the Kalash. Now take a coconut and tie it on top of the Kalash. Put coconut on top of the urn by applying tilak on the coconut with kumkum. Keep the coconut in the east.

Shardiya Navratri Pooja Material:-

Arrange Maa Durga’s statue or picture, book of Durga Saptashati, mango leaves, red chunari, red kalava, rice, cloves, Ganga water, camphor, coconut, barley, sandalwood, gulal, earthen pot, betel leaves, cardamom, and betel nut in the pooja thali.

In many countries of the world, the Navratri festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Devotees worship Goddess Durga for nine days by performing Ghatasthapana. Bhajan Kirtan is performed by the devotees to get the blessings of the mother. For nine days, the mother is worshiped in her different forms.

Shardiya Navratri

Shardiya Navratri Pooja Method: –

In the Shardiya Navratri of Ashwin month, the mother gets pleased immediately by worshiping Mother Durga with reverence. The mother is hungry only for the emotion of her devotees, the holy feelings of the devotee are more dear to the mother. But if the special worship of Mother Durga is done by law and legislation for 9 days of Navratri, then the mother fills her devotees with happiness. Learn the method of worship of mother in full scripture for 9 days. 

  • One day before the Puja of Sharadiya Navratri, you should collect the material of the Puja. After bathing early in the morning on the day of Shardiya Navratri, you should wear red clothes.
  • After this, spray Ganga water on the Mata’s Chauki, put red cloth on it, and install the idol of Maa Durga and install the Kalash.
  • After installing the Kalash, offer red flowers, red clothes, red flower garlands and makeup etc. to Mata Durga and burn incense and lamps.
  • After offering all these things, burn the cow dung cake in the place of worship and pour ghee, Cloves, camphor.
  • Offer batashe, sweets, and prasad to Mata now read the Navratri Katha.
  • Now greetings to Maa Durga by bowing your head. After the completion of the entire Puja by the above method, keep a panch lamp in the Aarti and do a soulful Aarti of Goddess Durga.

Shardiya Navratri

Shardiya Navratri Story:-

According to the legend, once upon a time, Mahishasura conquered Devaloka. He wanted to end all gods. Mahishasura was also called a buffalo demon. Mahishasura wanted to capture all three worlds. No god could face him. Therefore all the gods went to Brahma Ji to get the solution to this problem. All the gods urged Brahma Ji to guide a way to come out of this problem.

After this, all the Gods created the Goddess Durga using their powers. Maa Durga could only be derived from the powers of all the gods. So that Mahishasura can be brought to an end. The form of Maa Durga was extremely beautiful and attractive. Compassion, kindness, gentleness, and affection are seen from the mouth of the mother. The mother has ten arms and all the arms are adorned with different weapons. She received weapons from all the gods.

Lord Shiva has given Trishul, Lord Vishnu has given Chakra, Lord Vayu has given arrows etc. So that he can end sinners and re-establish religion on earth. Mother rides a lion. This lion was brought from the mountain of Himavat. Mahishasura had the boon that he would die by only the virgin girl. When the mother went in front of Mahishasura. He became extremely fascinated with the form of the mother and asked the mother to subdue him.

The mother got very angry on this matter and the mother killed her. If the mother killed her using her scriptures, then the lion of the mother also bloodied her body. For this reason, the festival of Navratri is celebrated every year and nine forms of mother are worshiped.


Shardiya Navratri


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