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Sarojini Naidu Jayanti 2022 | Famous Day

Sarojini Naidu Jayanti:- Bharat Nightingale Sarojini Naidu is the name of that immortal soul, who has made a significant contribution to the freedom struggle of India. Sarojini Naidu was one of those revolutionary women who have fought a lot for the freedom of slave India. Every year on 13 February, the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti) is celebrated as National Women’s Day in India. She was an inspiration to the women of our country.  Sarojini Naidu was a political activist of the freedom movement as well as a poet. She is called Nightingale of India.

Sarojini Naidu was a woman who deeply understood and rebelled for the emancipation of women and tried to create awareness. Her birthday (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti) is also celebrated as National Women’s Day in India, as it is a tribute to her for the valuable work done by her for women. She saw injustice against women in political and legislative bodies. She helped establish the Women’s Indian Association (WIA) in 1917 which secured votes for women and the right to hold legislative office. This was a significant achievement for the women of India contributed by Sarojini Naidu.


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The early life of Sarojini Naidu (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti):-

Sarojini Naidu was born on 13 February 1879. Her father’s name was Aghornath Chattopadhyay, he was a scientist and educationist. Her father founded the Nizam College of Hyderabad. Sarojini Naidu’s mother’s name was Varada Sundari, she was a poet and also used to write poetry in the Bengali language. Sarojini Naidu was the eldest child. She used to write very impressive poems like her mother and she was given a scholarship by the Nizam of Hyderabad, after getting impressed by her poems, to study abroad and she enrolled in King’s College London. Along with studying in London, she continued to write poems.

All the members of the Sarojini Naidu’s family were patriots. She had a brother named Dhirendra Nath who was a revolutionary. Her second brother’s name was Harindranath, he was a poet, storyteller and artist as well. Sarojini Naidu was a very talented student, she was proficient in other languages like Urdu, English, Bangla, Telugu, and Persian. (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)


Why she got the title of Nightingale of India (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)?:-

Sarojini Naidu was called Bharat Nightingale because of recited her poems in a very melodious voice. Sarojini Naidu had friendly relations with Gandhiji and Gandhiji, impressed by her speeches and talent, gave her the title of ‘Bharat Nightingale’. In his letters, Gandhiji sometimes addressed her as ‘Dear Bulbul’, ‘Dear Mirabai’ and sometimes ‘Mother’. She used to express so many emotions in her poems that one would be mesmerized by reading it. It is said that the words of her poems were such that, it could also be sung and for this reason, she was awarded the name “Bharat Nightingale”. (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)


Sarojini Naidu Jayanti


Sarojini Naidu’s Major Composition (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)–

At the age of just 12, she composed the Persian Drama Mehr Munir, which was very much liked by the Nawab of Hyderabad. In 1905 her first collection of poetry, Sarojini Naidu poem “The Golden Threshold” was published. (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)

  • In 1912, her second collection of poems, “Bird of Time”, and in 1917 her third collection, “Broken Wing”, earned her great fame.
  • In 1916 she published “Muhammad Ali Jinnah: An Ambassador of Unity.
  • In 1943, The Scripted Flute: Songs of India.
  • In 1961, her composition “The Feather of the Dwan” was published by her daughter Padmaja Naidu.
  • Her last composition, The Indian Webbers, was published in 1971.


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Sarojini Naidu Political Career (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti):-

Contributing to the freedom movement, her inclination towards politics started increasing and after some time, she joined Congress and started her political career from here itself. In the year 1925, she had the privilege of becoming the first woman president of Congress. Using her position properly, she did many important works, which are remembered even today. (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)

  • The year 1925 – In this year, the annual session of the “Indian National Congress” held in Kanpur waved its flag.
  • The year 1929 – This year she led the annual session of the “East African Indian Congress” held in South Africa. At that time “The Indian Women’s Association” raised its voice to improve the condition of widows in India and also gave women the right to vote.
  • The year 1947 – After getting independence, she was elected the first woman governor of Uttar Pradesh. The special thing is that she was the first woman in India, who got a chance to become the governor.


Sarojini Naidu’s contribution to the National Movement (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti):-

One day Sarojini Naidu met freedom fighter and social worker Gopal Krishna Gokhale. Gopal Krishna Gokhale asked Sarojini to bring revolutionaryness in her poems and inspire people for the independence of the country. In the year 1916, Sarojini Naidu met Mahatma Gandhi. After meeting Mahatma Gandhi, there was a change in Sarojini’s thinking and she jumped into the movement to liberate the country. In the various national movements for the independence of India, she had given her full contribution. (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti)

  • The Year 1905 – Bengal was partitioned by the British government in this year, due to which she felt very sad. Then she participated in many revolutionary movements for protest. In the meantime, she met “Gopalkrishna Gokhale” and “Mahatma Gandhi
  • The Year 1917 – At that time there were many evil practices in India due to which women had to face many problems. Then Sarojini Naidu founded the “Indian Women’s Association” whose aim was to protect Indian women.
  • The Year 1920 – This year the “Non-cooperation Movement” was started by Mahatma Gandhi. In this too, Naidu participated enthusiastically and went to jail.
  • The Year 1930 – Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest freedom fighter of Indian history, started “Dandi March” and “Civil Disobedience Movement” this year. During this, Sarojini appeared in the lead role. But, she was imprisoned for this movement.


Sarojini Naidu became India’s First Female Governor (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti):-

India became independent in August 1947 and after independence, Sarojini Naidu was made the governor of Uttar Pradesh. In this way, Sarojini Naidu became the first woman governor of the country.


Sarojini Naidu Jayanti


Sarojini Naidu death (Sarojini Naidu Jayanti):-

On March 2, 1949, while working in the office, she had a heart attack and she passed away. In this way, Sarojini Naidu, a symbol of ideal for the women of the country, said goodbye to the world. But the nation can never forget his contribution.

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