Sant Kabirdas Jayanti 2021

Sant Kabirdas Jayanti 2021 | Famous Saint

Kabir Das was a famous religious poet of the medieval era, whose compositions are still read today. Kabir Jayanti is celebrated in his memory. This Shukla Paksha of the Jyestha month falls on the full moon day. It is believed that he was born on this full moon day of Samvat 1455. The Kabirpanthis consider him to be a supernatural avatar man and many stories are told about him, which has been described. (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti)

Kabir is a person who has never read scripture or Veda, yet he is always in the category of knowledgeable people. Kabir, a name that can be called fakir and also a social reformer. Kabir may be only a name for others, but it is the soul of India that has created an India free from stereotypes and rituals. Kabir is that identity who imagined a wonderful world by dropping the caste-class wall.

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Who did nurture of Sant Kabir? (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti):-

Kabir Das ji, who promoted humanitarian practical religion, also entered this world with a wonderful context. It is believed that he was born in 1398 on the day of Jyestha Purnima, near Varanasi at a place called Lahrata. On that day Neema was going with Neeru to Banaras in her Doli after getting married, they stayed at a lake near Banaras for some rest. Suddenly Nima heard a crying voice of a baby child, and to search for the baby, she started walking in the direction of the voice. Neema saw in the lake that a child is weeping wrapped in a lotus flower. As soon as Nima took the child in her lap, he became silent. (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti)

Neeru asked him to take her home with him, but the question arose in Neema’s mind that what answer would he give to his family. But the child’s touch won religion, that is, a sense of duty and a deep crisis was averted on the child. The child grew up drinking goat’s milk. The child’s naming ceremony took place after six months had passed. Neeru named the child Kabir, but many people objected to this name because they said that Kabir means great, how can a weaver’s son be great? It had no effect on Neeru and allowed the child’s name to be Kabir. It would not be an exaggeration to say that inadvertently the name given in childhood became meaningful when the child was older.

When is Sant Kabirdas Jayanti 2021?:-

On the occasion of the Sant Kabirdas Jayanti, we have seen an official holiday in a few of the states in India, as it depends on the state government. In the current year, this Jayanti is falling on 24th June 2021.

Childhood life of Sant Kabir (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti):-

Kabir loved the monk association since childhood. He continued his ancestral business of weaving clothes. Kabir insists on the worship of the formless Brahman. From childhood, the aura of Kabir’s miraculous personality started spreading everywhere. It is said that in his childhood, once a burning disease had spread in Kashi. He put dust on the body of an old woman passing through the road and removed her irritation. (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti)

Kabir’s childhood was spent battling with many Inertia and conventions. During that time, this thinking was strong that if a person is rich then it is good. It is better if it has a big effect. If someone is poor, he should not be considered a human being. The difference between man and man was clearly visible. He was always against social evils and lived in the idea of ​​how to overcome it.

Became pupil of Sant Ramanand Swamy (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti):-

Once someone told that Sant Ramanand Swamy has kept the fight against social evils. Kabir would go out to meet him, but after reaching his ashram, he came to know that he does not meet the Muslims. Kabir did not give up and reached the last hour of the night at the Panchganga Ghat and lay down on the stairs. He knew that Saint Ramanand came to the Ganges bath in the morning. (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti)

In the morning when Swami ji ascending the stairs for the bath, his leg hit Kabir’s chest. Saying Rama-Rama, Swamiji pulled his foot back and then Kabir stood up, greeted them. The saint asked who are you? Kabir replied your disciple Kabir. The saint again asked that when did you become a disciple? Kabir politely replied that just when you said Ram-Ram, I made him my Gurmantra. Saint Ramdas was very impressed by the humility of Kabir and made him his disciple. Swamiji made Kabir realize all the rites and immersed him in the Ganges of Knowledge.

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Kabir explained the true value of a Guru (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti):-

It is not an exaggeration to say that Kabir Das Ji has described the importance of Guru in life with full self-pity in his couplets. Kabir, despite being a Muslim, never touched meat. Kabir was fictitious, almighty and revolutionary beyond the ties of caste and caste. He realized the imagination of Ramta Jogi and running water. (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti)

A beautiful description of Guru-Mahima, Ishwar Mahima, Satsang Mahima and Maya etc. is available. In his poetry, there is a beautiful inclusion of puns like Yamak, Jyotika, Metaphor, Alliteration etc. Hazari Prasad Divvedi Kabir is called the “Dictator of Language” because of all the necessary formulas in the language.

His compositions collection (Sant Kabirdas Jayanti):-

After Kabidas left his body, his compositions were collected by his sons and disciples in the name of Bijak. It has three parts – Sabad, Ramani and Sakhi. Later his works were collected in the name of ‘Kabir Granthwali’. A combination of the words of Braj, Awadhi, Punjabi, Rajasthani and Arabic Persian can be seen in Kabir’s language. His style is ecclesiastical. The influence of this invoice also reflects on the writings of Guru Rabindranath Tagore.

Some other facts about Sant Kabirdas:-

  • Kabir’s personality is exemplary. They oppose all kinds of evil practices. They associate saints and saints and Sufi fakirs but stay away from the contractors of religion.
  • Kabir’s reasoning behind the non-living violence and the carnivores is very important. They believe that the path of compassion, violence and love is one. If we do violence to fulfill any craving and longing, then hatred and violence will be born. Kabir was always reprehensible to the beastless animal or to the person who exploited human beings.
  • Kabir never shied away from worldly responsibilities. His wife’s name was Loi, son Kamal and daughter Kamali. They should also follow family relationships well. For living, you continue to do your paternal work, that is, weaver’s work.

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