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Ravidas Jayanti 2022 | Famous Hindu Festival

Ravidas Jayanti:- Many such great gurus have taken birth on the land of India, whose contribution people have not forgotten even today. One of these was Guru Ravidas who made the Bhakti movement famous everywhere with his participation. There was so much power in the words of Guru Ravidas that people used to come to meet him from far and wide. It is said that due to his devotional songs and couplets, he took the teachings of the Bhakti movement to the people.

According to historians, Sant Guru Ravidas was born between 1377 to 1398 CE. He was born in Manduadih, Varanasi. According to the Hindu calendar, it is said that Guru Ravidas was born on the day of Magha Purnima. That is why the birthday of Sant Ravidas (Ravidas Jayanti) is celebrated with faith on Magh Purnima. This time Sant Ravidas Jayanti will be celebrated on 16th February. On this day his followers take bath in the holy river. Bhajan-Kirtan and couplets of Ravidas Ji are sung.

On Ravidas Jayanti many of his devotees reach his place of birth and celebrate this day like a festival. Shoemaking was his ancestral business. While making these shoes, they used to get so engrossed as if they were making them for God itself. Sant Ravidas Ji was such a person who, apart from being devoted to the devotion of God, also served his social and family duties very well. He taught people to love each other without discrimination, and in the same way, they followed the path of devotion and came to be known as Sant Ravidas.


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Who was Guru Ravidas? (Ravidas Jayanti):-

Guru Ravidas Ji was a great teacher of the Bhakti movement of the 15th century. They did not believe in discrimination of caste. He had made many social efforts to reduce discrimination. He was a great saint, philosopher, poet, and social reformer. Ravidas Ji taught everyone to live together in peace. Guru Ravidas Ji also did the work of making shoes and slippers to earn his living.


Importance of Guru Ravidas Jayanti :-

For Sant Ravidas Jayanti, we all come together to celebrate this birth anniversary and all together worship him, sing his hymns and read his couplets, rally on the streets. By remembering them, we get a sense that in the name of a caste in the society, there should not be any discrimination of high and low and everyone should live together. Sant Ravidas Jayanti inspires us to follow the path taught by him. People believed that they were sent by God to fulfil real social and religious tasks on earth.

Guru Ravidas Ji was a great man with a kind personality and he is known for his great deeds. Guru Ravidas Ji didn’t like discrimination and to remove this thing he gave a spiritual message to our society so that they could face the difficulties related to caste discrimination. Guru Ravidas Ji also contributed towards Sikhism. The teachings given by him are called Ravidassia Panth or Dharma. Guru Ravidas Ji taught his disciples that one should not be greedy because it does not last long.


Ravidas Jayanti


Why Guru Ravidas Ji is known by different names? (Ravidas Jayanti):-

Guru Ravidas Ji (Raidas) is a very famous saint in India. Hardly any saint of India would have been called by so many different names as Raidasji. Guru Ravidas Ji (Raidas) is a very famous saint in India and you will not find any other saint in India who is known by many different names. In the Punjabi religion wherever his verses are compiled in ‘Adi Granth’ or Guru Granth Sahib, his name is written as ‘Ravidas’. He is known as Raidas in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The people of Gujarat and Maharashtra call him ‘Rohidas’, and the people of Bengal call him ‘Ruidas’. He is also seen in the names of Rayadas, Raidas, Remdas and Raudas in many old manuscripts. One of the main reasons for this can also be said that Raidas, who has become a symbol of devotion and liberation, was assimilated by different language-speakers with so much affinity that they even adapted his name according to them.


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Why is Ravidas Jayanti celebrated?:-

Guru Ravidas was born on the full moon day of Magh month. Every year on this occasion, the birth anniversary of Guru Ravidas (Ravidas Jayanti) is celebrated with great pomp. Varanasi is his birthplace that is why on his birth anniversary, Bhajans-Kirtans and processions are taken out from place to place and their temples are duly worshipped. He had shown the whole world by the example of his life that a human being is not superior by birth, but deeds should be high. It doesn’t matter if someone follows any caste, religion or sect. Man’s actions and thoughts should be excellent.


When is Ravidas Jayanti in 2022:-

On the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti, we have seen a special celebration by the devotees in India. On this day the devotees of Guru Ravidas take bath in the holy river and organize Bhajan-Kirtan. According to the Hindu Panchang, Ravidas Jayanti is falling on 16th February 2022.


How Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated?:-

According to the beliefs, the day of Magh Purnima or Guru Ravidas Jayanti is considered very favourable. On this day the devotees of Guru Ravidas take bath in the holy river and organize Bhajan-Kirtan. The couplets of Guru Ravidas are also recited on this day. On this day many of his devotees reach his place of birth and celebrate this day like a festival.

Ravidas Jayanti


Childhood of Guru Ravidas Ji (Ravidas Jayanti):-

If we talk about the childhood of Sant Ravidas Ji, then his father used to do the work of making shoes. Ravidas Ji also sometimes used to help his father in making shoes. This work was his ancestral vocation, which he pursued with pleasure and worked diligently. Whenever a sage, saint or mystic came to his court without slippers, he used to give them slippers without taking any money. Sant Ravidas Ji fiercely opposed the discrimination, untouchability and other social evils spread in the society. He taught lifelong people to have respect for every person, rich or poor, he was very kind and helped others.


Education of Guru Ravidas Ji (Ravidas Jayanti):-

Guru Ravidas Ji has taken his initial education by Pandit Sharda Nand in his childhood, where some of the upper caste people of his village refused him to study in the school, but seeing his ideas and talent, Pandit Sharda Nand was convinced that Ravidas Ji is very talented and he will go on to become a good spiritual teacher and a great social reformer. Ravidas Ji was a very intelligent child and after receiving education from Pandit Sharda Nand, he became a great social reformer.


Marriage Life of Guru Ravidas Ji (Ravidas Jayanti):-

Guru Ravidas Ji was immersed so deep in devotion and these things affected his personal life, because of such deep devotion and time given during devotion kept him away from his family business and parents. His parents got worried after seeing this, and they decide that to get him married. And later he got married to Mrs Lona Devi and after some time Guru Ji was blessed with a baby boy and they kept his name, Vijay Das.

Even after marriage, he was not able to concentrate properly in his family business. Seeing this, his father threw him out of the house so that he could do his social work without anyone’s help. After this, he started living behind his house and started doing his social work. The devotion of Raidas had a profound effect on the mind of the listeners. Through his hymns and teachings, people got such education that they would get the solution of their problems and people became his followers.


Famous Quotes of Guru Ravidas Ji (Ravidas Jayanti):-

Guru Ravidas Ji had also tried to eradicate the caste system. He also contributed to the Bhakti movement and is known as a friend of Sant Kabir Das Ji. The teachings of Sant Ravidas Ji are inspiring even today. Some of his main teachings are –

“Mann Changa to Kathauti mai Ganga”

this passage is very popular even today, which means that if the mind is pure and those who are engrossed in God while doing their work, there is no one greater than that.

Similarly, in another teaching, Sant Ravidas Ji has said that “A person becomes small or big not because of his birth but because of his work”. It is the actions of a person that make him high or low. In this way, Sant Ravidas Ji propagates the spirit of equanimity.


Ravidas Jayanti



As soon as the name of Guru Ravidas comes, the image starts emerging in our mind of a great man who, by being engrossed in devotion to God in his life, worked for the welfare of society through his poems, spiritual messages to build a bright future for the people. Guru Ravidas Ji spent most of his life in worshipping God and lighting the light of knowledge in the lives of people with his great thoughts. Sant Ravidas is a staunch opponent of discrimination, untouchability and he inspired people to rise above such a small mentality and do something better.

Ravidas Ji made a lot of efforts to eradicate the discrimination of high and low caste and creed and those efforts were also successful. He continued to encourage the people of the downtrodden class to get respect in society and move them forward. Due to which he started being respected. He used the wonderful powers he got from God for the welfare of society.

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