Ramadan Begin 2021
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Ramadan Begin 2021 | Famous Muslim Festival

Ramadan begins the month is one of the holiest times duration for all the Muslim community. It is also known as Ramzan and it comes in the nine-month of the Islamic Calendar. It is believed that this was the holy month when Allah had given the first verse of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad through his angel, named Gabriel.

What is Ramadan Begin?:-

Ramadan begins is a holy and fasting month and all Muslims do fasting in honor of Allah. During the Ramadan month, all the Muslim people follow fasting strictly according to the given instructions which are must be followed while fasting. The holy fast of Ramadan month starts before sunrise and ends after sunset and during fasting time they shouldn’t eat or drink anything. In the world, some of the places are very high temperatures in spite of that they are not supposed to drink anything.

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When is Ramadan begin 2021 date:-

Ramadan begins 2021 dates is 12th April 2021, which are also given below however in many countries the date may vary due to the appearance of the crescent moon.

Start of Ramadan        –         12th April 2021

End of Ramadan          –         11th May 2021

Duration of Ramadan –         30 Days

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What to do and don’t do on Ramadan Begin:-

There are a few rules and regulations which should be followed during the Holy Ramadan month.

Do’s on Ramadan month-

  • Fasting – Fast should be started before sunrise and ends after sunset.
  • Do 05 times Salah / Namaz (Pray) each day.
  • Visit the Mosque each day.
  • Attend Night Prayer.

Don’t Do on Ramadan month-

  • During fasting hours, don’t eat and drink after sunrise and before sunset
  • Don’t use bad language or slang.
  • Don’t abuse anyone.
  • Don’t do smoke, lie, chew gum, backbite, gossip, swear during fasting hours.
  • Don’t do sex and intimacy during the fasting hours.

End of fasting on Ramadan begin month:-

After the sunset prayer, all the Muslims break their fast with the meal which is called “Iftar”. This Iftar is an evening meal that is arranged to break their daily Ramadan fast after the sunset. You can see the happiness and joy of fasting on each face as it is considered that they have dedicated their entire day to Allah.

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