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Onam 2021 | Famous South Indian Festival

Onam is a great festival in South India, especially in Kerala and it is celebrated with great pomp. It is specially celebrated in the fields for the good yield of the crop. This festival is very auspicious and the main thing that happens at this festival is that on this day people worshiped not in temples, but in their homes.

Why do we celebrate Onam Festival:-

There is a mythological story that belongs to this festival, due to which South Indians give great respect to this festival. It is believed that the king Mahabali from whom Lord Vishnu took the Vamana avatar measured all the three locos in three steps. That Asuraraj king Mahabali was the king of Kerala and this festival of Onam is dedicated to him only. This is the reason this Festival is celebrated with divine heart and happiness.

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How do people celebrate Onam?

The people of Kerala celebrate the Onam festival in a very traditional way. On this day people celebrate the festival in different ways. They paint the gate of the house, decorate it with flowers, make rangoli on the road, dance the tradition on the street and there is another interesting thing. They dress the elephant and decorate them with flowers, and then parade on the street. Which depicts human love for animals. On this day, women wear traditional sarees and men wear traditional costumes.

onam 2021

When is the Onam 2021:-

On the occasion of this Festival, we have seen an official holiday in many of the states in India, especially in the South region of India. According to the Hindu Panchang, Onam is falling on 21st August 2021.

The festival is celebrated for 10 days:-

This great festival goes for 10 days celebration in Kerala, and the worship is done at homes only. Flowers and plants are made inside the house. For this, flowers are decorated in a circle in a clean room, which is decorated for 8 consecutive days. On the ninth day, a statue of Lord Vishnu is kept inside the house and all family members do Pooja of Lord Vishnu and they also sing folk songs. Along with this, the time of Shravan Devta and Ganapati is worshiped at night and the idol is immersed on the 10th day.

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Special Boat Race (Vallamukali) on Onam Festival: –

Onam is especially known for its boat race. This is the world-famous and important aspect of this festival. This famous boat race is called Vallamkali. The boat has been run by 20 to 40 people to cover a specified distance in less time. It is a very interesting and eyecatching boat race.

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Famous Cuisines are made at Onam Festival:-

Along with the pooja recitation, the festival of Onam is also famous for its cuisine. During this festival different types of dishes are prepared in the houses. This is the reason why these children are most excited about this festival. Usually on this day dishes like Pachadi-Pachadi Kallam, Dao, Ghee, Ollam, Sambar etc. are made, which are served on banana leaves. The culinary delicacies made on Onam reflect the variety of food Nimboodari Brahmins eat, which serves to showcase their culture. Eighteen types of milk dishes are served on this day in many places.

onam 2021

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