Losar Festival 2021

Losar Festival 2021 – Famous Tibetan Festivals

Losar festival is a very famous and most important festival of Tibetans. This festival is also known as Tibetan New Year because according to the Tibetan’s calendar it is the first day of Tibetans New Year. The Losar festival celebrates on different dates on every year which depends on the location (India, Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal) tradition.


The Losar festival is an annual festival which comes in February or March month. Majorly it is a 15 days festival however normally it is celebrated for 3 days. On this occasion, people wear their traditional clothes and perform their traditional folk dance & songs during the festival. The main highlights of this festival are deer dance and amusing play of battles between the King and his ministers.


Losar Festival 2021 date:-

On the occasion of this Festival, there is an official holiday confirmation in Tibet, Bhutan and the main residing area of Buddhism. In the year 2021, the Losar Festival 2021, is befalling on 12th to 14th Feb 2021. Majorly this festival comes in either in the month of February or March of every year.


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Why do we celebrate Losar Festival?:-

This Losar festival is celebrated in the form of a kind gesture toward God to Buddhism existence. Initially, this festival was celebrated among farmers and now it became a Buddhist festival which is also celebrated as Buddhism New Year / Tibetan New Year / Losar Festival.


Activities of the Losar Festival or How to celebrate it:-

This Losar Festival is mainly for 03 days and here we are explaining the activities of all 03 days during the festival. Please find below the details:

  1. On the first day of the festival, all family members wake early in the morning and take bath to start the first day of Tibetan New Year. Women of the family get the first water of the day of New Year to prepare dinner. All the family members get together at the dinner time and give gifts to family members. During the dinner, they also serve Kapse Cake and Chang (A special drink).


  1. On the second day of the Festival, people visit their relative and loved ones place with some gifts and fried barley, flowers, straw of barley, and tsampa which is made by yak’s butter. At the New Year evening time, all family and relative get together to have yak butter tea and other delicious Tibetan delicacies.


  1. On the third day, all the people do prayers and hang the Tibetan prayer flag which is the very main thing during the festival celebration.


Losar Festival Himachal Pradesh:-

Himachal Pradesh is one of the best places to see the Losar festival celebration as this state has a good number of Tibetans. In Losar Festival Himachal Pradesh, we see they wear traditional dresses which belong to this festival, singing folk songs and dancing on it with full of happiness. This festival celebration is mostly seen in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh.

On the festival, all the family members take their own responsibilities to do arrangements, decorations, and collection of required things. Women of the family take the first water of the day of New Year to prepare food. Men of the family bring all kinds of stuff for the celebration and arrangements.

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