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International Women’s Day 2022 | World Famous Day

Every year 8 March is celebrated as International Women’s Day to honour all women. It is said that a woman keeps all the relationships in a garland and the contribution of women is much more than men in any field. She takes care of the house and also performs the responsibility of the office very well. Not only this, women also play a major role in the progress of the country. Giving special appreciation to women for their work, every year on March 8, International Women’s Day / World Women’s Day is organized not only in the whole country but all over the world so that the whole world can celebrate the achievements of women and can understand women’s importance.

On this special day, conferences are organized from place to place on various issues of women, rallies are organized and seminars are organized and topics related to women’s rights are talked about and people are made aware to get their rights. On the day of Women’s Day, the issue of gender equality for women and equal rights with men in society is also raised by many big organizations on a large scale.


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Importance of International Women’s Day:-

Women are ahead of men in every field in the world. Women who have brought laurels not only to the country but also to foreign countries are definitely worthy of the honours. Therefore, it is very important to celebrate Women’s Day in the honours of those women. It is a way of giving respect to the women who are taking society forward. Apart from this, International Women’s Day is also very important to make people aware about women, to make women aware of their rights and to inspire them.


When is International Women’s Day in 2022?:-

On the occasion of World Women’s Day or International Women’s Day, we have seen a special celebration everywhere in India and the entire world. On this special day, conferences are organized from place to place on various issues of women, rallies are organized and seminars. According to the calendar 2022, Worlds Women’s Day is falling on 8th March 2022.


International Women's Day



When did International Women’s Day Start?:-

According to history, International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 1909. But there was a special purpose behind celebrating it. In fact, in the year 1908, a total of 15 thousand women of New York City of America took out a front due to their demand to vote. They wanted that the way men to be given the right to choose the government of their country, in the same way, they should also be given this right.

This front of these women of Germany was successful and exactly a year later when the Socialist government was formed in America, they celebrated 28 February as “Women’s Day” by dedicating a day to women in the year 1909. Exactly a year later, in Germany, Clara Zetkin suggested dedicating one day in a year as Women’s Day. She said that we should set a day to remember the respect and rights of women when we can raise our voice for their cause. After this, in a conference, 100 eminent women from 17 countries expressed their consent on this issue and finally International Women’s Day was established. International Women’s Day was first officially recognized in the year 1911, after that in the year 1975, the United Nations started celebrating International Women’s Day from March 8, after which it was celebrated every year on this date all over the world.


How to celebrate International Women’s Day?:-

Women are mainly given preference on International Women’s Day. Whether it is home or office, all women are given special treatment. Gifts and special things are sent to them to show their respect. In addition to wishing them through WhatsApp messages, FB messages, calls, and mails, in some offices, women are given leave or especially honoured on Women’s Day. People wear a purple ribbon during the celebration of this festival.


International Women's Day


International Women’s Day Celebrations in India:-

In order to increase awareness about women’s rights in the world, this special day (International Women’s Day) is celebrated in India with full enthusiasm. This festival plays a big role in spreading the real message about the rights and status of women in society. Promotes the living conditions of women by solving their social issues. It also improves the self-confidence of women, who are working hard to come forward and ready to serve their contribution toward their life, their family, society and their country.


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Why International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8 March?:-

International Women’s Day was started in the year 1908 in New York. At that time many women present there gathered in large numbers and started a huge movement to reduce their working hours. Simultaneously, women had demanded for themselves to increase their wages and for the right to vote. Which was largely successful. After 1 year, this year was declared as Women’s Day in America. After this, in the year 1910, Clara Zetkin organized an international conference of working women. During the conference, it was suggested to celebrate that day internationally. About 100 employed, social workers, workers etc., women from 17 countries were present at this conference.

All these women supported Clara Jetkin’s suggestion. After which in the year 1911, this day was celebrated simultaneously in many countries on 19th March. In this way, it was the first International Women’s Day, which was first celebrated in the world in 1911 by Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. But no one decided on a specific date to celebrate it. After this, during the First World War in 1917, the women of Russia, fed up and protested for Bread and Peace. This protest was so organized that Emperor Nikos was forced to leave his post and after this women got the right to vote. Russian women started this strike on this day. The day Russian women started this strike was 28 February and according to the English calendar, it was 8 March. Since then, International Women’s Day has been celebrated on 8th March till today.


International Women's Day

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