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International Girl Child Day 2022 | World Famous Day

International Girl Child Day:- Some time ago, in every field across the world, girls were considered inferior to boys. Due to the prevalence of orthodox practices such as female feticide, child marriage, illiteracy, and restricting them to merely having children, they were deprived of their basic human rights like education, proper nutrition, legal rights and medical system. International Girl Child Day began to be celebrated globally on 11 October to end this gender discrimination and to provide for the overall development of girls like boys. In India too, International Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24 January for the proper development of the girl child. Let us know some important things in the context of International Girl Child Day.


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How did International Girl Child Day start?:-

Celebrating Girl’s Day globally started as a “Plan International” project by Canadian non-governmental organization “Global Children’s Charity”. This organization started a mission with the title “Because I am a girl”, in which issues like higher education, health and legal rights of girls were raised. After this, the same organization started ‘Plan International’ related to the girl child. Some of the representatives associated with this took the Federal Government of Canada into confidence to spread awareness on the development of the girl child internationally and took the approval of the United Nations General Assembly to ‘Plan International’ and passed a resolution to celebrate an international day for girls. On 19 December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly formally declared 11 October as International Day of the Girl Child. From the year 2012, today i.e. on October 11, International Girl Child Day / World Girl Child Day is being celebrated without any problems.


International Girl Child Day


What is the purpose of International Girl Child Day Celebration?:-

The main objective of celebrating International Girl Child Day internationally was to help empower the girl child and provide her rights, so that she can be able to face all the challenges, and spread awareness about ending gender inequalities in the context of girl children around the world. Was. Their basic problems include higher education facilities, proper nutrition, legal rights, medical benefits etc., where they have been discriminated against for centuries. Its main goal was also to end the orthodox traditions like violence against women, rape, forced marriage, denial of ancestral rights.


When is International Girl Child Day 2022:-

On the occasion of this special day, we have seen special programs are held in India and the entire world to spread the importance of a girl in our life and society. International Girl Child Day is celebrated on 11 October and National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India on 24th January.


How is International Girl Child Day celebrated?:-

Every year on October 11, a joint event is organized in the United Nations Headquarters regarding the human rights of girls, whose main objective is to protect the interests of girls and get them to participate in the development of the country and the world. Apart from this, programs are organized all over the world on the holistic development of the girl child through music, art, sports and debates. On this day, people are made aware of issues like proper education and fundamental freedom of the girl child by various communities, political leaders and institutions. On this day in India also various programs are organized under the holistic development of the girl child.


International Girl Child Day


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Summary – International Girl Child Day:-

After the start of the International Girl Child Day / World Girl Child Day, there has been some success in the objectives related to the safe future of the girl child all over the world. Today girls are posted on the borders of the country, running parallel to the boys in every field of police, sports, government non-government high posts, space, knowledge-science, but in some areas, they have even surpassed the boys. Despite this, in many countries of the world, a lot remains to be done for the moral development and rights of the girl child. Especially in a vast country like India, where even today, news of female feticide, physical and mental atrocities are making headlines. Taking serious cognizance of all such problems, they need to be removed immediately, so that gender discrimination between boys and girls can be eradicated from the root.

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