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Independence Day 2021 | Famous Historic Day

Independence Day is the most important day for all Indians and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pride every year on 15 August. This is a memorable day for India and every independent person of India. On this day, India got complete independence after many years of British rule.

This day is celebrated as a national and gazetted holiday throughout India so that all citizens of India can celebrate this day with freedom. The 15 August 1947 was the day when India got liberated from cruel British rule. On this especially day there is a government holiday, hence all the government sector, private sector, and offices are closed in the whole country. But few sectors which are the backbone of our life and Indian safety they work on this day as well. Everywhere people are seen waving the tricolor. This day is also celebrated in schools and colleges with great pomp and show. Many cultural and patriotic programs are also organized in schools and colleges every year on 15 August.

Getting independence from the British wasn’t an easy job for India. Many great people lost their lives and after hard work to get freedom, our country became India free country.

Those great leaders, forgetting their comfort, thought about the comfort, peace, and freedom of the country and gave freedom to India on the strength of their lives. We should pay homage to such great leaders.

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Happy Independence Day

History of Independence Day:-

In 1947, after the Second World War, the British Government was convinced that now it is difficult to dominate India. At that time the activities of Indian freedom fighters were also increasing and the people of India also started to understand that now the time for independence has come.

After that, the British government declared independence and India got its independence from the British ruler on 15 August 1947. It was a matter of happiness for India, but on the other hand, violence between Hindu and Muslim, Muslims took the form of fire. On the day of this Indian Independence Day, India and Pakistan were separated as separate countries on 15 August.

On this day, On this day, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has taken oath as the first Prime Minister of India. After that Jawaharlal in his speech declared 15 August as the day of complete independence. In this speech conference, big leaders like Abul Kalam Azad, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, were also attended.

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Happy Independence Day


Celebration of Indian Independence Day:-

National Independence Day takes place every year on Indian Independence Day, 15 August. This day is celebrated full of joy and great enthusiasm across India. The day before this day, the Indian President addresses the entire nation, which is telecasted on radio and TV.

With great enthusiasm, we unfurl the tricolour of India every year at the Prime Minister’s Red Fort, Delhi. With this goes the national anthem of India, with which 21 times the captive is fired by giving a salute. This is a very proud time for every Indian person.

Children of many schools in Red Fort celebrate this day with great enthusiasm on 15 August. They all wear the tricolour dress and raise the national slogan of “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

In the Red Fort, the Prime Minister puts forth his thoughts about all the great works and successes of India from last year to this year. At the same time, he keeps his words about education and new ways of taking the country forward and on the path of progress. The same Red Fort is proudly paraded by the Indian army and paramilitary forces and NNCC cadets also participate in these parades.

In all other states also, all the Chief Ministers also hoist the tricolor with respect. Also, people participate in cultural and patriotic programs on this day in all states.

On this day, there is a threat of terrorism in the country, so the Indian Army and the police together in every place of India make strict security arrangements. On this day, there is live broadcasts from Lal Qila are done on All India Radio, DD National Channel, and other media channels.

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Happy Independence Day

Importance of Indian Independence Day:-

Independence Day is very important for every person of India because by celebrating this day, the children of our coming generations get to know about how the great leaders gave freedom to India by working hard and giving their lives.

With this, our great freedom fighters are respected and paid homage to their unforgettable sacrifices. On this day in India, people fly beautiful colorful kites in an uneven state.

Celebration of Independence Day is the prime focus to remember the history of India and its freedom fighters. This day reminds us of the true meaning of freedom.

Happy Independence Day

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