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Holika Dahan 2022 | Famous Hindu Festival

Holika Dahan:- Holi is a very colourful festival, and it is an important and very famous festival in India. This is an annual festival and it comes after Holika Dahan, which celebrates one day before the Holi Festival. Holika Dahan is considered a victory symbol over evil. On this day people arrange a set of wood and other combustible materials like Upple (Gobar ke Kande) and Jau, for the bonfire. People believe that they burn their ego, evilness and negative forces in the holy fire on Holika Dahan.


Holika Dahan 2022 date:-

Holika Dahan is also known as Choti Holi, and people wear new clothes and their traditional & cultural dresses on the festival day. People cook many types of dishes like Malpua, Gujiya, Mathari, and different types of papad on this occasion. It is very important that the Holika Dahan should be started after the sunset. In the year 2022, the festival is befalling on 17th  March 2022 (Thursday).


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Holika Dahan Story:-

Holika Dahan story is related to Hiranyakashyap & Prahlad incident. Hiranyakashyap the king of demonic Asuras, who considered himself a God and wanted that everyone should worship him as a God. Prahlad, son of Asura Hiranyakashyap, he was having a strong belief in Lord Vishnu, but Hiranyakashyap did not like his devotion towards God. Hence the king decided to kill his child Prahlad through Holika (Hiranyakashyap’s sister). Sister Holika had the blessing that her body could not be set on fire. Hence, she took Prahlad on her lap and entered into the fire to kill him, but Lord Vishnu gave his blessings to the child and save his life, but Holika got burnt and died there itself.


This festival has left an indelible impression since the above-said incident happened in history. It is a symbol of the truth that God exist and is always ready to protect their devotees while they are in a difficult time. It shows the power of God to all the atheists, unbelievers, and asuras.


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Puja Vidhi of Holika Dahan:-

This Holika Dahan festival comes in Phalguna month and on the Puja day, you need to arrange roli, akshat, chandan, rice, cotton, quince, flowers, batashe, turmeric, Upple (Gobar ke kande), new crops like wheat & gram earring, and Kalash (water vase). First, you need to sit near the Holika and your face should be to the east side after seating. Place Upples garland first over the Holika and then 04 different Garlands, which should be coloured with Holi colours.

In this garland, the 01st garland is for your ancestors, 02nd is for Lord Hanuman Ji, 03rd is for Maa Sheetla Devi and the 04th is for your family name. After this, you need to tie a cotton thread while doing Circumambulation around the Holika. This Circumambulation you can do in order to 3, 5, and 7 times. Now, you need to do worship the Holika and pour water and the above-mentioned ingredients on it. In the last, ignite the Holika to complete the festival.


Holika Dahan Wishes & Messages:-

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