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Hindi Diwas 2021 | Famous Historic Day

Hindi Diwas:- Whenever the matter arises for the country, we all repeat the same thing, “Hindi hain hum, watan hai Hindostan hamara”. This line holds a special significance for us Hindus. Hindi is the identity of our country and it is the language which is mostly used in India, this is the reason Hindi has received the tag of an official language. Every year this special day on 14 September, is celebrated with full of joy as Hindi Diwas. Because this was the day when the Constituent Assembly has declared the Hindi language as the official language of our country India.

For the promotion and propagation of Hindi, the then Indian government had requested to celebrate 14 September every year as Hindi Diwas from 14 September 1949. Since then till today, we consider September 14 every year as Hindi Diwas. On this day Hindi competition is organized in government offices, in schools, in colleges.

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Hindi Diwas:-

In celebration of Hindi being given the status of the official language of India by the Constitution, we celebrate Hindi Diwas. Article 343 of the constitution mentions the adoption of the Hindi language as the official language. In this article, we will tell you why Hindi Diwas is celebrated, along with information about Hindi Diwas, we will also tell you when Hindi Diwas is celebrated.

When and why is Hindi Diwas celebrated?

We consider 14 September every year as Hindi Diwas. Let me tell you that on the day of September 14, 1949, the Hindi language has received the official language status of the Republic of India by the Indian Constitution. In addition, Hindi Diwas is celebrated to promote Hindi, to create an atmosphere for the promotion of Hindi, and to create awareness among people about Hindi.


Hindi Diwas

Importance of Hindi Diwas:-

Hindi Diwas is known for the respect for the national language this is the reason, this day is celebrated in the memory of the day when the Hindi language had been declared our official language. Today, many programs are being run by our government to promote Hindi. The importance of Hindi is communicated to the students at the college and school level on Hindi Diwas. Our current government’s move to promote Hindi is commendable.

Today, the leaders of the country are giving importance to go abroad and give speeches in Hindi. This is being done so that the importance of the Hindi language is understood along with India as well as globally. If this is the result of our government’s efforts, then the number of Hindi speakers is constantly increasing. In Indian states, Bihar is the state which has adopted Hindi as its official language. Although it cannot be denied that the number of English-speaking people in India has been steadily increasing, but even today the number of Hindi speakers is the highest in the country.

A large part of the country’s people still speaks Hindi. Many states of North India like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Jharkhand, etc. have a large population of Hindi-speaking people. We should always remember that speaking our own language not only keeps us connected with our culture but also a means of bringing us closer to each other.

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Purpose of celebrating Hindi Diwas:-

The main purpose of celebrating Hindi Day is to motivate people to make maximum use of the Hindi language and to promote and propagate Hindi in every field. So that it can be made the language of the people. People should be aware of the Hindi language, and the development of the Hindi language. People should use the Hindi language in the common language, in their work, so that our official language can become more prosperous and glorious. Hindi Diwas is celebrated to fulfill this purpose.

History of Hindi Diwas:-

Like every year, Hindi Diwas is to be celebrated across the country on September 14 this year. This is the day when the Hindi language has received the official language status of the Republic of India by the Indian Constitution. Today people speak Hindi in many countries. According to a study, Hindi is the third largest language spoken worldwide. A number of programs and competitions are organized across the country on the 14th of September to carry forward the rich tradition of Hindi.

After the independence of the country in 1947, the biggest question was which language should be made the national language. After much deliberation, Hindi has announced the official language on September 14, 1949, and the same has been mentioned in Article 343 (1) of the Indian Constitution. The celebration of Hindi Day started from 1953 to 14 September. Non-Hindi-speaking people opposed it after Hindi was given the status of official language, due to which English was also made an official language.


Hindi Diwas


The Hindi language is very easy to learn and understand, because of its easy pronunciation. In India, it is mostly spoken. This is the reason it is used as the official work language in all government offices. Gandhi Ji called Hindi the language of the people. At the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in 1918, Gandhi Ji has given a proposal to make Hindi a national language, and when it was accepted then Dr. Rajendra Prasad, recalled Gandhi Ji’s efforts towards Hindi. Seeing the importance of this day, Indian first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had asked to celebrate this day as Hindi Diwas. Being citizens of the country, it is our responsibility to take the Hindi language ahead and spread it.

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