Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday 2022 | Famous Muslim Festival

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday:- Hazrat Ali is also known as Ali, Ibri, Abi Talib. He was born on 13 Rajab 24 Hijri East according to the Islamic calendar and on 17 March 600 AD according to the Gregorian calendar. He was the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad Sahab, the Prophet of Islam. Let us tell you that the first Imam of the Shia Muslim community was Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Ali was married to Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. On the occasion of Hazrat Ali’s birthday, people of the Muslim community congratulate each other on his birthday and also remember the peace messages said by him. Hazrat Ali had given the message of peace and tranquillity to the people.

Hazrat Ali was a very generous person. Hazrat Ali is known with great respect in Muslim culture due to his actions, courage, faith, and determination. It is believed that he had a lot of love for Islam and he also had a lot of knowledge about Islam. Throughout his life, he became a source of inspiration for the Islamic people and his name is still highly regarded and remembered in the history of Islam. (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday)


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Who was Hazrat Ali? (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday):-

Hazrat was the fourth caliph of Sunni Muslims after Prophet Muhammad. He was born in Mecca. Hazrat Ali’s son Hussein was hungry & thirsty in the battle of Karbala but he continued fighting, told what is called jihad. At the same time, Hazrat Ali gave the message of peace and tranquillity and told that Islam is in favour of non-violence. He said that Islam is the religion of mankind. He always tried to remove discrimination from love and society. Hazrat Ali had said that if you love your enemy too, then one day he will become your friend. He said that the one who helps the tyrant, and the one who is happy with the tyranny is also a tyrant. (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday)

About 1307 years ago from today i.e. on the 30th of Ramadan month in 660 AD, Hazrat Ali was murdered during the morning prayers in the mosque of Kufi, despite that he talked about forgiving his murderer. It is said that Hazrat Ali knew his murderer, yet he picked him up for the morning prayers and included him in the prayer.


Why Do We Celebrate Hazrat Ali Birthday?:-

Let us tell you that this tradition of Hazrat Ali’s Birthday celebration has been going on for a long time. Hazrat Ali is believed to be the first person from the Muslim community who accepted Islam. Along with being a generous, kind person, Hazrat Ali was also determined, it was his utmost duty to serve the people, show them the right path. That is why the Islamic community looked at him with great respect. And when he got the title of the fourth caliph of Islam religion, he made his special place in the hearts of the people by doing many social works for the people. And for some reason, the Muslim community started celebrating his birthday with pomp every year to make his birthday memorable and to pay respect to him. And this tradition continues even today. (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday)


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Hazrat Ali’s Birthday


When is Hazrat Ali Birthday in 2022?:-

On the occasion of the Hazrat Ali Birthday, we have seen a special celebration an official holiday in many Muslim countries. In the current year, this festival is falling on 15th February 2022.


Significance of Hazrat Ali’s Birthday:-

This festival of Hazrat Ali’s birthday is an important day for all Muslim people. This day is celebrated in the memory of his skilled person and theologian. He was a man who even forgave a man who had killed himself. This is the reason why he is getting so much respect even in the present time. Due to his qualities and characteristics, his birthday is celebrated every year to promote his thoughts in the people.


How do We Celebrate Hazrat Ali’s Birthday?:-

The birth celebration of Hazrat Ali is celebrated by the people of Islam with great pomp. In India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, this day is celebrated in a big way. In India as well as in many Muslim countries of the world, this day is celebrated in a very Islamic traditional way. This day is celebrated every year with enthusiasm to remember Hazrat Ali and great Muslim persons and their deeds. On this day people of the Muslim community gather together and celebrate the birthday of Hazrat Ali so that the relationship of love and brotherhood grows. (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday)

A few days before this festival Muslim people clean their houses first then decorate it. All the mosques are also beautifully illuminated with lights and prayer meetings are accompanied by sacred utterances. There are so many types of delicious food cooked in the traditional way in their homes and celebrate happiness with their family and relatives. Along with this, some people go to meet their distant people and express their love and some people come from far away to meet their family members on this day. Remembering their Prophet, pray for the family and enjoy this day with enthusiasm.


Hazrat Ali’s Birthday


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When Hazrat Ali was attacked with a poisoned sword?:-

Ali used to visit one of his sons or daughter’s house for Iftar every night in Ramadan. One night he went to the house of his younger daughter Hazrat Umm Kulsoom. On the night of 18 Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar), Ali fasted iftar. On the 19th of Ramadan, Ali reached the Masjid to offer morning prayers. When he offered prayers, a person named ‘Abdurrahman ibn Muljim’ struck him on the head with a poisoned sword. Due to this attack, his head was torn to the forehead and blood started flowing. After this, his sons took him for treatment. (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday)


Hazrat Ali had forgiven the attacker:-

The attacker was brought to Imam Ali. Seeing her scared and crying, Ali told his son, Imam Hasan, not to misbehave with him. Even if I leave the world, forgive him and if I survive, I know what to do with him and I believe in forgiving. As the poison spread in Ali’s body and the Hakims raised their hands and then he died on 21st Ramzan. (Hazrat Ali’s Birthday)

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