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Happy Republic Day 2022 | Famous Historic Day

Republic Day is one of the important festivals of India. This is such a festival of India, which people celebrate every year on 26 January with great enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Indians of all age groups of India. On this day flag hoisting is done in schools and colleges in which most of the people are involved and along with this many programs are done in most schools on this day, in which all the students of the school are involved and celebrate this festival with great pomp. | After this, many gifts are also given to all the candidates on this day. Along with schools, there is a program of hoisting the flag in all the institutions of the country, whether the institution is government or private, apart from this many organizations also celebrate this festival with full patriotism.


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Why is Republic Day celebrated?

This important day of Republic Day in India is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of the Republic and the Constitution. In the year 1950, on 26 January, the country of India was declared completely Swaraj by the Indian National Congress, after which 26 January was chosen as the Republic Day. When India got complete independence on 15 August 1947, since then 15 August was celebrated as Independence Day. After the independence of India, a Constituent Assembly was formed, after which the great personalities who joined the Constituent Assembly, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel started their office on December 9 in 1947, and since then this day is celebrated as Republic Day.


Special Celebration Republic Day Celebrations:-

We celebrate Republic Day every year on 26th January with great enthusiasm in every corner of India paying tribute to the patriots. It is celebrated with enthusiasm and respect in every state and Indian embassies abroad, including the capital of India, Delhi. The main event of 26 January is celebrated in the capital of India, Delhi, in which various states participate. Every year on 26th January, a program of hoisting the national flag of India is organized at the Red Fort of Delhi, in which many veteran leaders of India are involved. The flag to be hoisted at the Red Fort of Delhi is hoisted by the Prime Minister of India, after which the national anthem is collectively sung. This Special Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Delhi because on this day a grand parade is organized every year, which is organized in Delhi from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan. In this parade, various regiments of the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. all participate in the flag hoisting program.


On Republic Day, the soldiers of the army come out on the parade and the parade is taken out with beautiful and cultured tableaux. The heritage of India’s rites is depicted in this parade. At the same time, the main attractions of this parade are the military parade, the display of military equipment, and the national flag. All these are important symbols of this date. The Indian national flag is made up of tricolor, which is Dark Saffron, White, and Dark Green. In the flag dark saffron color on top, in the middle white color, and dark green color is in the bottom.


Happy Republic Day


Importance of Republic Day:-

Republic Day is celebrated every year with full enthusiasm as a national festival. Many programs are organized in schools and colleges to express their happiness in this festival, preparations for which are started a month in advance because, national dances, songs and different types of programs are performed in schools and colleges. And the most prominent of these is considered to be the flag hoisting program. Programs are also organized in many organizations and government offices of the country. Poetry conferences are also organized in many places.


What is the reason for celebrating 26 January as Republic Day:-

In December 1929, there was an assembly held in Lahore which was led by Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, demanding to declare India as a Dominion State by 26 January 1930,  from the British Empire.  if this session passed this resolution. Had it been done, India would have become a self-governing unit within the British Empire itself. Therefore, the British Empire did not take any important decision on this and then on 26 January 1930, Congress started its movement for independence, taking the decision to declare India as complete independence, which continued till 1947. After getting freedom this day (26th January) was declared as the Republic Day of India, because this was the day (26th January 1950) when the Constitution of India was implemented by removing the Government of India Act 1935 and since then this day is celebrated every year. On this day after 26 January 1950, India was declared a democratic country.


Happy Republic Day


How is Republic Day celebrated?:-

Before the parade begins, the Prime Minister pays tribute to the martyrs at ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’. The President arrives in a cab of 14 horses with his bodyguards at India Gate, where he is received by the Prime Minister. Along with the tricolor movements along with the national anthem, flowers are flown by airplanes. There are triangular balloons and white doves in the sky. Water, fruit and aerial march to the tune of the band The policemen salute the President of the country while displaying their weapons, missiles, airplanes, etc.


Seeing this magnificent scene, patriotism and enthusiasm increase in the heart of every countryman. Student N.C.C. After walking step by step in their uniform, they assure us that our second line of security is well aware of its duty. Military and school bands resonate with the spirit of patriotism and patriotism. The tableau of different states depicts changes in their cultural life, food habits, customs, industrial and social spheres. Lighting is done in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, and other government offices.


Every year, the Republic Day celebrations are specially attended by leaders of various countries, including Indonesian President Sukarno in 1950, Pakistan Governor-General Malik Ghulam Mohammed in 1955, Queen Elizabeth of England in 1962, Elizabeth Eliabaki in 1962, and Elizabeth in 1962. Are included. Minister Rana Abdul Hameed, South African President Nelson Mandela in 1995, US President Barack Obama in 2015, Abu Dhabi National Representative Sheikh Mohammed bin Ziyad Al Nihan in 2017 were the chief guests of Republic Day. We are proud to be the largest democratic country in the world.


Happy Republic Day


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What is the significance of Republic Day?:-

26 January is a very important day for our country. The importance of this day is so much that every year on 26 January our country celebrates the establishment of the independent Republic of India on the basis of the principles of justice and equality and ideology. This day commemorates the immortal martyrs of Indian independence, various tableaux showcasing the progress of the nation touch the minds of the people, and the President’s message inspires to be engaged in nation-building.

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