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Happy New Year 2022 | World Famous Day

The New Year that everyone is eagerly waiting for. Whether it is children or adults, everyone waits for the arrival of the New Year. New Year is the first day of the first month of a year i.e. January, and many people start their New Year from the 1st January onward. On the New Year, people move ahead in their life with fresh, new, and positive thinking by eliminating the negative emotions from inside their minds. Because a person can lead a successful life only with positive thinking. At the same time, behind a successful person, his positive thinking is only.

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When is the New Year Celebrated?-

New Year is celebrated on the first day of the first month of a year, but due to having different calendars of different religions this day is celebrated on different days in different countries of the world. It is just because of the different starting dates of the New Year in different calendars. Like Hindu New Year starts on Gudi Padwa Festival, West Bengal and Bangladesh also, New Year is celebrated around Baisakhi. According to the Islamic calendar in the Muslim religion, the New Year of the Muslim society Hijri begins on the first day of the month of Muharram. The calendar, which is celebrated as the New Year on 1 January, is based on Gregorian, which has its origins in the Roman calendar.

New Year Celebration started Since When?:-

In modern times, the New Year started on January 1st, in the year 1582. The calendar starting from January 1st is known as the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was started by Christians to fix the date of Christmas. Because before the Gregorian calendar, the Julian calendar of Russia was in vogue with 10 months. But due to many mistakes in this calendar, the date of Christmas never came on a fixed day. Every year Christmas day came on different dates.

Happy New Year

But in Christianity, the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ is very important. Because on that day Lord Jesus Christ was born on this earth as the son of God. And had dedicated his whole life to the service of mankind. The shortcomings of the Julian calendar were understood by the people of the Roman Church. In 1570, Pope Gregory XIII of the Roman Church asked the then astronomer Christopher Clavius to create a new calendar to solve this problem. And with this, the physician Aloysius Lillius of Naples of America proposed a new calendar. After that, there were many improvements in the Julian calendar of Russia.

And on 24 February it was formally adopted by state order. Because this state order was given by Pope Gregory. That is why this calendar was named after him as the Gregorian calendar. Which came into force on 15 October 1582. And even today the same calendar runs all over the world. That is, every year on 1 January, the New Year is celebrated. And a year is of 12 months and 365 days.

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New Year Celebration in India:-

New Year is celebrated with great pomp on January 1 in India too. But in our country, people of many religions (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian Jain, Buddhist, etc.) live. And every religion, the beginning of the New Year is considered on different days.

  • In Hinduism, the beginning of the New Year is considered to be the Shukla Pratipada (the first day of Navratri) of Chaitra month. This date falls in the month of March or April of the year. According to Hindu religious beliefs, Brahma Ji created the universe on this day. That is why this day is known as the beginning of the New Year. It is called Hindu Nav Samvatsar or Nav Samvatsar in Hinduism. From this day the new year of Vikram Samvatsar begins.
  • In Maharashtra, The New Year is started on the day of Gudi Padwa and this day comes in the month of April.
  • In Punjab, Baisakhi or (Vaisakhi) is considered the New Year of Sikhs, and it is celebrated on the day of Baisakhi (Baisakhi festival) falling in April. According to the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar, the beginning of the New Year is also considered from the second day of Holi.
  • In West Bengal and Bangladesh also, New Year is celebrated nearby the Baisakhi festival.
  • According to the Islamic calendar in the Muslim religion, the New Year of the Muslim society Hijri begins on the first day of the month of Muharram. Islamic Hijri calendars are based on the moon, which is used by all Muslims from all over the world use to know the exact time of their religious festivals.
  • Jain New Year starts from the second day of Deepawali. It is also called Veer Nirvana Samvat. On this day the people of the Jain community celebrate their New Year.
  • The Parsi New Year is celebrated as the Navroz festival. Navroz festival is usually celebrated on 19th August.
  • The Sindhi New Year begins with the Cheti Chand festival. Which is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Dwitiya. According to Sindhi beliefs, Lord Jhulelal, an incarnation of Varun Dev, was born on this day.
  • The Christian New Year is celebrated on 1 January, and it started on 15 October 1582.

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