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Happy Navroz 2022 | Parsi New Year

Happy Navroz:- It is believed that the festival of Navroz is celebrated in the memory of King Jamshed of Persia. On this auspicious occasion, everyone wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity. Navroz, which is called the Persian New Year, is mainly celebrated by Iranians all over the world, but nowadays this festival is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm not only in Iran but also in the people of neighbouring countries.

Basically, all Zoroastrians follow the Zarathushtri religion which was founded by Mahatma Zarathustra in Persia itself. This day is also called Jamshedi Navroz in memory of the Parsi king Jamshed. The Parsi calendar was established by Raja Jamshed. The Parsis in India follow the ‘Shahenshahi Calendar’, so people here celebrate Navroz in the second quarter of the year. On the other hand, people of other countries follow the Iranian calendar. Since people do not observe leap year in the Shahenshahi calendar, they celebrate these festivals by about 200 days late.

According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls in the month of August. Navroz is one of the biggest and special festivals of Parsis. On this day i.e. about three thousand years ago, King Jamshed established the Parsi calendar. On the day of Navroz, Parsi families go to their places of worship and after prayers wish each other a Happy New Year. Also, on this day, after cleaning the house, Rangoli is made outside the house and many types of dishes are also prepared.


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How to celebrate Navroz?:-

On this day people clean and paint their houses, wear new clothes. Parsi people buy meat and fish in advance for this day. Garlands are decorated on the doors. Designs are made with coloured powder on the stairs of the houses (which is called Rangoli) and fresh and fragrant flowers are decorated in vases. In the morning, Sevaiyan and semolina pudding is made and sprinkled with rose water and dry fruits and distributed among neighbours and relatives. After breakfast, Parsi families go to the nearby “Agni Mandir” and participate in the thanksgiving worship. At the end of the puja, people hug each other and the sounds of New Year’s greetings are heard everywhere.

It is considered very good to eat moong dal and plain rice on the day of Navroz. The poor are fed food. In Kashmir, Navroj is celebrated when the almond bud blooms. During the Mughal period, the emperor used to weigh gold scales on the day of Navroz. Gold, silver, fragrance and grains were distributed among the people by weighing them equal to their weight. This ceremony was called “Tuladan”.


When is Navroz (Parsi New Year) in 2022?:-

On the occasion of Navroz, we have seen a special celebration in India and many countries. On the day of Navroz i.e. Parsi New Year, people visit each other house and wish them. According to the calendar 2022, Navroz is falling on 21st March 2022.


Happy Navroz


A tradition of offering sandalwood in the fire on Navroz:-

Everyone gathers to celebrate this festival, sending each other’s best wishes for happiness and prosperity. Special worship is also done in the Parsi temple Agiary, people go to the temple and offer fruits, sandalwood, milk and flowers. (Parsi New Year) Parsi people offer a special prayer, in which there is a tradition that families go to the place of prayer together, and there is a tradition of offering sandalwood to the holy fire. After worshipping the Lord, the entire Parsi community greets each other on Navroz by offering sandalwood to the fire.


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Parsi Calendar:-

360 days are considered for all the members of the Parsi community in a year and the remaining 5 days are the days of remembering their ancestors i.e. the days of doing Saga. In the Parsi community, the Panchang is made for 360 days. When the year is about to end according to the Panchang of the Parsi community, then exactly 5 days before that, the people of the Parsi community do Saga, that is, remember their ancestors. There is also a different way of doing the Saga. People of the Parsi community wake up at 3:30 AM in the morning and remember their ancestors by decorating flowers in silver utensils.


There is a Saga 5 days before the New Year:-

In Parsis, 1 year is 360 days and 5 days are for the Saga. Saga/Gatha means a day to remember one’s ancestors. Ancestors are remembered just 5 days before the end of the year. There is a special way of doing this too. Special worship is done for this from 3.30 am. Parsi people remember their ancestors by placing flowers in a silver or steel vessel.


Homemade dishes on Navroz Festival:-

The people of the Parsi community prepare many types of dishes in their house on the day of Navroz i.e. Parsi New Year and they feed Falooda to all the guests who come to their house and on this day they go to each other’s house and there But congratulate each other. This festival is celebrated by the people of the Parsi community in a very special way as it marks the beginning of their new year. The way we all the people of Hindu religion start our new year with great gaiety, similarly this festival of Navroz is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the people of Parsi community. All the people of this community start this festival many days in advance in their homes to celebrate this festival. They start the program of decorating their house and shops well and cleaning them and the festival of Navroz is celebrated with great gaiety.

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