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Happy Father’s Day 2021

Mother and father are the best blessings of God and those who have their shadow on their head, they are very lucky. No one can take their place in life. These are the pillars of life on which life begins or the foundation is laid. As we all celebrate Mother’s Day to honour the mother, the same way Father’s Day is a very special day dedicated to the father and it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June month. This year it will be celebrated on 20th June.

Let us tell you here that Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates and days in many countries in the world. On this day, people show respect, respect and love to the father, give gifts and make this day special for the father.

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When is Father’s Day in 2021?:-

On the occasion of Father’s Day, we have seen an official holiday in many of the countries. According to the calendar of 2021, it is falling on 20th June 2021.

When and how Father’s Day originated:-

The Father’s Day originated date is unclear due to different myths. But there are two stories that are popular and related to this day.

First Story:- In the year 1910, at Washington, there was a Mother’s Day church service held in honour of Mother’s Day, and the Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington gave her precious suggestion which was for Father’s Honour. She asked all the people that the father should be equally respected, just like the mother. She said this because her mother died when she was 16 years old and her father took care of her and her 5 sibling’s nourishment. He did good care which makes them not feel Mother’s lack.

Her father was an American Civil War Veteran. Sonora contacted Spokane’s Ministerial Association in this regard and asked them to provide a Father’s Day church service on June 5 as it was her father’s birthday. But this date was a little early, so after a few weeks, it was celebrated on 19 June. Since then, the third Sunday of June in Washington State has been celebrated as Father’s Day. On this day, the children used to give gifts to their father, make cakes and go to meet if they lived far away.

Therefore, some historians consider the date of celebrating Father’s Day on 19 June 1910 as official. In 1924, then US President Calvin Collie gave official approval. Then in the year 1966, President Lyndon Johnson agreed to celebrate Father’s Day and it is decided that this day will be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Since that day, this is celebrated as Father’s Day (as a dedicated day to all fathers) on the third Sunday of June month.

Second Story:-  It was the story of the year 1908, Grace Golden Clayton was known as a great woman who decided to establish Father’s Day for the poor children who had lost their father in a mine explosion. About 360 men of the town were killed due to this accident. It was a very sorrowfully incident hence she wanted the children to remember this day in honour and respect of their father who died while working for their family. This was the starting concept of celebrating Father’s Day but it was not established at that time. Finally, after the proposal of Sonar Smart Dod, this day was established and celebrated as an international day.

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Importance of Father’s Day:-

A family is complete with mother and father as they both are the land and sky of the family members, where new life comes and grows. Where the mother shows her pamper, unconditional love, and care to the family members and the father build a good path for the family members. A father shows the right direction, support and gives his presence to the family members in all conditions, whether the conditions are good or bad.

  • Father’s Day is considered very important as it helps every family and societies to accept the father’s contribution on a large scale. This day gives us an opportunity to express thanks to our father for all his unconditional love, affection, contributions and sacrifices.
  • Celebrating this day makes any father feel that his contribution is being accepted by society and his children. Due to this day, every father feels proud of himself.
  • Father’s Day is a respectful day for all fathers and dedicated to him towards his unconditional love because he is the one person in the family who never share his problems to anyone but fulfil all the need of the family.
  • Father is a strong backbone of the family where all the family members feel secure and safe under his shade.
  • In earlier time there were no conversation or word exchanges between father and his child, but now we are getting a special day (Father’s Day) where we can share our feelings with our father. It is a very good thing which you and we can do on this day.

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Happy Father's Day 2021

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Happy Father's Day 2021

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Happy Father's Day 2021

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Happy Father's Day 2021

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