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Hanuman Jayanti 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

Hanuman Jayanti is one of the major and holy Hindu festivals. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated across all India full of joy and happiness because it is the birthday of Lord Hanuman. The Hanuman Jayanti comes on the full moon of Chaitra month every year. On this day, Hanuman devotees keep a fast with their Lord’s law and worship.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman helps all the devotees during the bad time and due to his kindness to devotees all problems taken off from the devotee’s life. This is why Lord Hanuman is also called Sankatmochan. It is said that reciting Ramayana, Ramcharit Manas, Sundara Kand, Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Bahuk, etc. on this day, Hanuman Ji is pleased.

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Hanuman Jayanti 2021:-

Rambhakt is known by many names as Bajrang Bali. Lord Hanuman is also considered to be the troubleshooter of every problem. Hanuman’s devotees always have his blessings on them. Hanuman Jayanti festival is the most awaited festival for his devotees and all devotee wait for this festival very eagerly to celebrate it with full fervour.

Hanuman Jayanti 2021

When will Hanuman Jayanti be celebrated in 2021?

In the current year, Hanuman Jayanti is falling on 27th April 2021. In addition to the full moon of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in many places on the Chaturdashi of Krishna paksha in Kartik month.

Importance of Hanuman Jayanti:-

On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, grand processions are taken out from place to place. Devotees go to the temples of Hanuman and offer prayers. It is believed that the devotee who worships and pray, all his sufferings go away.

Hanuman Jayanti 2021

Why his name is Hanuman (Hanuman Jayanti):-

There is a shloka described in the Vayupurana – अश्विनस्य स्थलपक्षी स्वयतन भोम च मारुति। मेष लग्न जनगर्भता जातो हरः शिवः। That is, Lord Hanuman was born in the Aries Lagna and Libra zodiac of Swati Nakshatra on Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi Tuesday. Hanuman Ji used to play different types of pastimes from childhood.

One day, when he was hungry, he considered the sun as sweet and he filled it in his mouth. Because of this incident, there was darkness came to the whole world. Seeing this as a calamity, Indra Bhagwan attacked Hanuman Ji with his Vajra. Due to this, his chin became crooked. This is the reason why he was named Hanuman.

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How to please Lord Hanuman (Hanuman Jayanti):-

The main way to please Hanuman Ji is to keep praising the name of Nityaprati Rama in your home. Hanuman is always ready to protect Ram devotees. He had freed all the nine planets from the demon Raj Ravana, as a result of which the blessings of all the planets including Saturn are that the devotee of Hanuman Ji does not feel the fault of the planets who suffer from the planets – Marrakesh or death-causing planets.

Hanuman Jayanti 2021

Hanuman is the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva:-

Lord Hanuman, who is known as Param Ram Bhakt is considered the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva. The Lord Hanuman is also called Sankat Mochak as it is considered that by worshipping and fasting we will get blessings of Hanuman Ji which will keep you away from all problems and crisis in life.

According to astrology, people whose Saturn is in an inauspicious position or if Saturn is running for half a century, those people should worship Hanuman Ji. By doing this, the problems associated with Saturn are removed. Hanuman Ji is called Mangalakari due to his kindness, hence his worship brings joy, happiness into life.

Hanuman Jayanti Puja Vidhi:-

  • On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, wake up early in the morning and take bath and remember to Lord Ram and Hanuman Ji.
  • Take fast for the day and surrender yourself to Lord Hanuman with your mind, body and heart.
  • Now take the statue of Lord Hanuman and cover it with clean clothes.
  • Place the statue of Lord Hanuman Ji to the east face.
  • Do worship and chant the ‘Om Shree Hanumante Namah’ mantra.
  • Offer vermilion to Lord Hanuman Ji as it is the main and most significant on this day.
  • Offer a pan for Lord Hanuman.
  • It is also considered auspicious to offer Imarti (It’s a kind of sweet) while praying to Mars.
  • In the end, do aarti, and distribute the prasad of Boondi, jaggery and gram to all.
  • It is believed that on this day devotee should recite the Sundar Kand Path and read Hanuman Chalisa.

Hanuman Jayanti Images are given below:-

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Hanuman Jayanti 2021

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Hanuman Jayanti 2021

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Hanuman Jayanti 2021

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Hanuman Jayanti 2021

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