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Halloween Day is one of the special festivals of Western countries. Which is celebrated every year with great pomp. The preparations for this festival start months in advance and everyone tries to stand out. During this, people not only wear Halloween theme clothes but also decorate their homes in a scary way.

This festival is celebrated every year on the last day of the month of October. This festival originated in Ireland and Scotland and is now celebrated with great fanfare in America, England, and European countries. However, now gradually its trend has started appearing in India as well. Let us tell you that Halloween Day is also called All Hallows Evening, All Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and All Saints Eve.

In America, it is the time for harvesting pumpkins. During this festival time pumpkins are harvested and found too many pumpkins some of them are very big and some of them are averages or small in size, which can be easily cut. On the front side, they put a burning candle in the middle by cutting their mouth in horror. Those who keep them on the doorstep of the house in the dark at night in the memory of the old century. It is called Jack-O-lanterns.

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The Story behind lighting the Lantern on Halloween Day:-

Lighting lanterns is a popular tradition on Halloween Day. The Irish folk tale of miser Jack and the devil is believed to be behind this. Irish-born miserly alcoholic Jack brought a wicked friend into the house to drink, but he didn’t want to spend his money. He persuaded his friend to give him a pumpkin in the house instead of alcohol. He later retracted from his word. His friend angrily made Pumpkin’s scary lantern and hung it on a tree outside the house, on which he carved his mouth and put burning coals. Since then, as a lesson for other people, the practice of jack-o’-lantern started on this day. It is a symbol of showing the way to the souls of their ancestors and protecting them from evil spirits.

Halloween Day

Way to celebrate Halloween Day:-

On Halloween day, people dress up in the costume of ghosts. Especially wearing scary clothes. They go to people’s homes and take a bag shaped like a pumpkin. Called Jack O’Lantern. In this, they take many candies and distribute them to others and go from house to house and ask each other whether trick or treat?

What is Trick and Treat on Halloween Day?:-

The old and popular tradition of Halloween Day is the trick and treat game. While playing this game children visit all the houses in their colony. And ask the owner of the house trick and treat. Then the owner of the house gives candies or sweets to the children. If the owner of the house doesn’t give them any candy or sweets then the kids have to do scary pranks with him in return.

In some countries, children show talents such as performing magic games, singing songs, telling a joke, playing a musical instrument, and in return, the landlord gives them a gift of colourful candies. In this, treat means funny pastries, cakes, candies, or sweets, and trick means some bullying prank. When children go from door to door and tell people trick and treat, the people of the house have to choose one of these. Those who choose the treats give presents to the children. This trick and treat night is also known as Baggers Night in Ohio and Massachusetts.

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How to Celebrate Halloween Day?:-

Halloween Day is a scary festival so its theme is haunted every year. In which people wear costumes of different types of ghosts such as Vampire, Skeleton, Spoof, Ghost, Witch, etc, Halloween Day is celebrated every year on 31 October.

On the day of this Scary Festival, everyone becomes a child and everyone wears their own Horror Dress and goes to each other’s neighbour’s house and asks them Trick or Treat. In which the person in front has to show some trick if not, then some treat has to be given. In the treat, they give sweets, candies, and toys. It is believed that if a person refuses to Trick or Treat that evening, then ghosts follow him.

What is Jack O Lantern on Halloween Day?:-

Jack O Lantern has a lot of importance on the day of Halloween Day because on Halloween Eve people light this lantern outside their houses and it is necessary to have a Lantern outside every house. This Lantern is made from Pumpkin, in which the pumpkin is decorated very well and it is made of 2 eyes, one mouth, and one nose, and a lighting candle is placed on top of the pumpkin. Due to which it becomes the lighting candle of the pumpkin.

In this way, every year the ghost festival is now celebrated in India as well and on this evening people are celebrated with friends in different ghostly costumes according to the Scary Theme.

Halloween Day

Last Day of the Celtic Calendar:-

This day is the last day of the Celtic calendar and is celebrated every year among the Celtic people as the New Year. On this festival, along with the common people, Hollywood celebrities also try to look like ghosts. During this, their unique looks also start going viral. Now let’s talk about the history of this day.

When is Halloween Day in 2021?:-

On the occasion of this festival, we have seen a big celebration in the Western countries and the Halloween Day is falling on 31st October 2021.

Halloween Day History:-

There are many beliefs behind celebrating the Halloween festival. Some people say that it is the last day of the fall season and some people say that it is the right time to start the cold season. The biggest belief behind celebrating this festival is that the soul of some dead people harms the soul of the living people and ruins their crops, so the living people started wearing scary clothes so that they also attract evil spirits. Therefore, he used to decorate the dinner table and burn the bonfire and throw the plucks of the dead animals so that the evil spirits would go away

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