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Birthday of Guru Ram Das Ji 2021 | Famous Sikh Guru

Guru Ram Das Ji was the fourth Sikh Guru.  He held the most prominent post of Sikhism on September 1, 1574 AD.  He received the Guru Gaddi from his father-in-law and third Guru of Sikhism, Shri Guru Amardas Ji”. He gave his service being in this position till 1 September 1581 AD. Shri Guru Ram Das Ji established a new city called ‘Amrit Sarovar’ in 1577 AD., which later became famous as Amritsar.

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Guru Ram Das Ji’s short Biography:-

Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru was born on September 24, 1534, in Luna Mandi, Lahore (present-day Pakistan).  Guru Ramdas’s father’s name was Hardas and his mother’s name was Daya Kaur.  The family status of Guru Ram Das was not good.  Shri Guru Ram Das had an interest in spirituality since childhood.  When Guru Ram Das Ji was about 7 years old, his parents died.  After this, the firstborn child started coming to his maternal grandparents in the village of Basarke.  Started earning at an early age.  And sitting on the roadside in Lahore, they started selling boiled gram.  Sometimes they used to distribute chickpeas free to the hungry people.

Guru Ram Das Ji’s Wife & Children:-

Shri Guru Ram Das Ji was married to “Bibi Bhani” Ji, daughter of Guru Amaradas Sahib Ji, the third Guru of Sikhism. From whom three sons – “Arjan Sahib, Prithi Chand, and Mahadev” were born. After marriage, Ramdas Ji started serving the Guru Ghar while staying near Guru Amar Das Ji. He was a very dear and faithful Sikh of Guru Amardas Sahib. He used to stay with Guru Amar Das Ji during long religious migrations in different parts of India.

Guru Ram Das Jayanti 2021 Date:-

Guru Ram Das Jayanti 2021 will be celebrated on 22nd October 2021. On this auspicious occasion, the Guru Granth Sahib is recited along with a grand program in the Gurudwaras. An in-house banquet (langar) is organized. This festival is celebrated with great pomp at many Sikh shrines including Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Bhani, Sarhali, Khadur Sahib, Goindwal, Kartarpur.

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How did Shri Guru Ram Das Ji meet Guru Amardas Ji?

Once Guru Ram Das Ji came to know that a group of travelers from Lahore was going to Goindwal Sahib to visit Sri Guru Amardas, the third Guru of Guru Nanak’s tradition. Leaving the home, Jethaji also accompanied the batch. After reaching Goindwal, Jethaji saw Guru Amardas, he felt inside that the primate he was looking for till now, he has received it today. He surrendered himself to the Guru and wholeheartedly started serving Guru Amardas. Seeing Jethaji’s impeccable service and humble nature, Guru Amardas started calling him by the name of Ramdas (servant of the Lord).

How did Shri Guru Ram Das Ji get the Guru title?

Shri Guru Ram Das Ji won the heart of Guru Amardasji by tireless service day and night. As Ramdas, he got a solution to his two concerns – one worthy for his daughter Bibi Bhani and the other his successor. Seeing his last time as Guru Amardas came near, he handed over to Gurupada Ramdas, following the tradition of Guru on 1 September 1574. On September 10, 1581 A.D., on the post of Ram Das Guru. Stayed till Baba Mohanji, the eldest son of Guru Amardas, considered himself to be the true heir of Guru Gaddi. Therefore, he got angry with the said decision of Guruji. He spent his remaining life in a room in exile in the same rage.

The Death and Successor of Guru Ram Das:-

When his end-time approached, Guru Ramdas decided to hand over the responsibility of Gurupada to the youngest and able son of his three sons (Pritichand, Mahadev, and Arjanadeva). Finally, Guru Ramdas has given Gurupada to Arjana Dev and he was established as Pancham Nanak and left Amritsar and went to Goindwal and on 1 September 1581, he passed away. Guru Ram Das wrote 638 Shabadas in 30 ragas, which include 246 Pauri, 138 verses, 31 Ashtapadi, and 8 Varanas and all these are inscribed in Guru Granth Sahib.

Guru Ram Das Ji

Some interesting facts about Guru Ram Das Ji:-

  • The wife of Ramdas Ji was Biwi Bhani. From whom the son “Prithi Chand, Mahadev and Arjan Sahib” was born.
  • Once a time when Guru Ramdas Ji encamped near a pond and it was said that the pond’s water was very energetic and powerful. That is why this city is named Amritsar (Amrit Sarovar). Guru Ram Das started the excavation of Amrit Sarovar (presently Amritsar) in 1574, which was completed in 1589.
  • The foundation of Guru Harmandir Sahib i.e. Golden Temple was also laid during his tenure.
  • The son of Guru Ramdas built a temple in the middle of the pond, which is today famous as Amritsar, the Golden Temple.
  • Guru Ramdas inspired the masters of the Bawan castes from different places and brought them to a center in Amritsar, which is still known as Guru Bazar.
  • Guru Ramdas Sahib Ji put the Gurmat Maryada of simple marriage in front of the society towards the creation of four lavas (phere) to make Sikhism happy. Thus he gave a unique matrimonial method for the Sikh Panth.
  • Guru Ramdas appointed his son Guru Arjun Dev as his successor. Like his three predecessors, Guru Ramdas also composed divine voice in many classical ragas and he wrote 638 hymns in 30 ragas.

There are Institute, College, Hospital and Airport on his name:-

Guru Ram Das Ji is a very famous name in the Sikh community this is the reason we can see many of the colleges, institutes, hospitals, airports, and school are having his name, like Guru Ram Das College of Education, Sri Guru Ram Das Medical College, Shri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital which is in Amritsar, and international airport name is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport

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