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Guru Har Krishan Sahab Ji 2021 | Famous Sikh Guru

Details of Guru Harkishan Singh Ji:- At the age of just five, Guru Har Krishan Singh Ji was installed on the throne after the death of his father Guru Hariray Ji (7th Guru of Sikhs). He was also very famous by the name of Bala Pir. Harkishan Singh Ji, the eighth Guru of the Sikhs, was born on 7 July 1656 in Kiratpur Sahib. His father was the seventh Guru of Sikhism, Guru Hari Rai Ji and his mother’s name was Kishan Kaur.

From childhood, Guru Har Krishan was very serious and tolerant. He was engaged in spiritual practice even at the age of 5. His father often used to take Ram Kishan, elder brother of Har Krishan Ji, and take his hard test. When Har Krishan Ji was reciting Gurbani, he used to prick him, but Baal Har Krishan Ji would stay in Gurbani.

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Guru Har Krishan Ji become a guru at the age of 5:-

His father Guru Hariray Ji gave Guru Gaddi to him in 1661, considering Guru Har Krishan as worthy in every way. At that time, he was only 5 years old. That is why he has also been called Child Guru.

Why Guru Har Krishan is called Bala Pir?

Guru Har Krishan Ji had gained popularity in a very short time by being friendly with the public. He launched a campaign of service by eliminating the discrimination of high and low caste, people were very impressed by this service of his humanity and started calling him as Bala Pir.

Why was Guru Har Krishan placed on the throne of Guru even when he was small?

Guru Har Krishan’s father Guru Hariray Ji had two sons – 1st is Ram Rai and the 2nd one is Harkrishan. But Ram Rai was already evicted by Guruji for violating the limitations of Sikhism. So moments before his death, Guru Hariraya handed over the reins of Sikhism to his younger son, who was only 5 years old at the time.

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Guru Har Krishan was very knowledgeable:-

Har Krishan had now become the 8th Guru of the Sikhs. He had innocence on his face but says that even at such a young age, he was intelligent and knowledgeable. As soon as the father left, he did not mourn any kind but in the Sangat reached the message that Guru Ji has gone in the lap of God, so there will be no mourning of his departure

Soon after the departure of Guru Hariray Ji, the festival of Baisakhi also came, which was celebrated with great pomp by Guru Har Krishan. That year, this festival was celebrated as a huge festival which ran for three days.

When Aurangzeb called Guru Har Krishan Singh Ji to Delhi:-

It is believed that his elder brother Ram Rai had complained to the then Mughal emperor Aurangzeb that he was an elder and had the right over Guru Gaddi. Because of which Aurang Jeb called him to Delhi.

But there is also a legend that when the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb got the news of sitting on the throne of the Guru of the new Sikh Guru and in a short time, he was jealous and burned with envy and the youngest Sikh in his mind and his desired to meet the Guru was expressed. He wanted to see the Guru Har Krishan Ji as he was unable to believe that who is this guru and why the people are going crazy about him.

Delhi’s famous Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is in memory of Guru Har Krishen Ji:-

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is actually a bungalow, belonging to the 7th-century Indian ruler, Raja Jai ​​Singh. It is said that he stayed here when Aurangzeb called him to Delhi. It is also said that when Guru Har Krishan Singh Ji reached Delhi at that time, Delhi was surrounded by a smallpox epidemic and Guru Ji treated people in this bungalow with the holy water of the lake inside the bungalow. Since then, this bungalow has been converted into Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in his memory.

Dissolved in famine ancestry at the age of 8 years:-

Guru Har Krishan Singh, the youngest of the Sikhs, gave up his life at the age of 8 due to smallpox disease on 30 March 1664 in Amritsar. He called his mother to him in his last hour and said that his end was now near. When people said who would sit on the throne now, they only took the name of ‘Baba-Bakala’ for their successor, which meant that their successor should be found in the village of Bakala. His successor was Guru Tej Bahadur Singh Ji and he was born in Bakala.

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