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Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti 2021 | Famous Sikh Festival

Guru Arjan Dev was the fifth Guru of the Sikhs. He preached the potential of all religions. He was born on 15 April 1563 AD in Amritsar. Arjan Dev also preached to uphold the ideals of humanity. Guru Arjan Dev was the true priest of humanity. Within him, the qualities like warm-heartedness, dutifulness were filled with coddling.

Seeing this, his father Guru Ramdas placed him on the Guru Gaddi as the fifth Guru of the Sikhs in 1581 AD. During this time, he edited Guru Granth Sahib. In which he also recorded 2,218 words in 30 ragas made by himself in Guru Granth Sahib. (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti)

Inspiring speech of Guru Arjan Dev (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti):-

Guru Arjan Dev ji attained immortal martyrdom in 1606 by pronouncing the words ‘Tera Kiya Meetha Lage, Hari Naam Padaratha Nanak Marge’. It is said that the Mughal ruler Jahangir murdered him on 16 June 1606 in Lahore (which is now in Pakistan). The thoughts of Guru Arjan Dev are also very special and inspiring. (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti)

One day the dewan of Shri Guru Arjan Dev ji was punished. In that diwan, Guruji promised that it is good to do auspicious work, but the best thing is to do well. With this, every type of organism gets water to drink. They feel happiness by drinking water.

Above the well, there is a lake of flowers where animals, birds and animals experience happiness. Then further Arjan Dev says that even better work is to make pilgrimage places and ponds and staircases. The stairs on which the creatures bathe and donate.

On the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev, Harbansh Bhatt writes in his interview that ‘ हरिबंस जगति जसु संचर्यउ सु कवणु कहैं स्री गुरु मुयउ।। 1।। देव पुरी महि गयउ आपि परमेसुर भायउ।। हरि सिंघासणु दीअउ सिरी गुरु तह बैठायउ।।

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Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti 2021 Date:-

Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti 2021 will be celebrated on 03rd May 2021. On this auspicious occasion, the Guru Granth Sahib is recited along with a grand program in the gurudwaras. An in-house banquet (langar) is organized. This festival is celebrated with great pomp at many Sikh shrines including Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Bhani, Sarhali, Khadur Sahib, Goindwal, Kartarpur.

First martyrdom Guru Arjan Dev (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti):-

Giani Swaran Singh Ji while narrating that Guru Arjun Dev Ji had his first martyrdom in Sikhism, before that there has been martyrdom in Islam, Parsis, Jews and religions. Martyrdom could not be avoided there, but here it was not so and Guru Ji accepted it peacefully, accepting it as the divine command. That is why they are called martyrs of martyrs. (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti)

Preaching of Guru Arjan Dev (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti):-

  • Waking up early in the morning to bathe and remember the Vahiguru Mantra and recite the Baani.
  • Maintaining the earnings of both hands and donating to the needy.
  • Renunciation of arrogance.

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Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Life Introduction (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti):-

Guru Arjan Dev was born in Goindwal (Amritsar) on Vaishakh Vadi 7, (15 April 1563 in Samvat 1620) to the fourth Guru of Sikhism, Guru Ramdasji and Mata Bhaniji. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Sahib is the 5th Guru of Sikhism. He was a great advocate of Shiromani, an ardent advocate of all religions, as well as a self-sacrificing soul to uphold human ideals.

In view of Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s serene tendency, warm-heartedness, devotion and devotion to religious and human values, Guru Ramdasji as the fifth Guru in 1581 embellished him on Guru Gaddi. (Guru Arjan Dev Jayanti)

During this time, he edited Guru Granth Sahib, which is the biggest gift to mankind. In order to create religious harmony in the whole of humanity, the voice of its predecessor gurus was collected from place to place and refined by dividing it into a religious book. Guruji has also recorded 2,218 Shabdas in Sri Guru Granth Sahib in 30 ragas of his own.

Once upon a time. In those days, Bala and Krishna Pandit used to make people happy by doing beautiful stories and provide peace to everyone’s mind. One day he appeared in the court of Guru Arjan Dev ji and started praying – Maharaj…! We do not have peace of mind. Can you suggest any solution that will bring us peace?

Then Guru Arjan Devji said- If you want peace of mind then do the same way as you tell people, follow your words. Knowing God and remembering Him. If you tell the story only with the greed to collect money, then your mind will never get peace. Rather the greed of your mind will increase and you will become more unhappy than before. Change the way you do fiction and narrate it in a senseless way, then you will feel true peace in your mind.

According to another passage – after sitting on the throne one day, Guru Arjan Dev ji thought in his mind that a book should be compiled by compiling the bani of all the gurus. Soon they started implementing it. At that time the original copy of Nanakbani was with Mohanji, maternal uncle of Guru Arjan.

He sent Bhai Gurdas to Mohanji to get that copy. Mohanji refused to give a copy. After this, the brothers went to Budha, they also returned empty-handed. Then Guru Arjan himself reached his home. The servant blocked them from entering the house. Guruji too was firm to the tune. He sat at the door and began to beg his maternal uncle to sing.

At this Mohanji reprimanded him a lot and went to meditate. But the Guru continued to sing as before. Finally, seeing his patience, humility and stubbornness, Mohanji’s heart ached and he came out and said – Son, I will give you the original copy of Nanakbani because you are the right person to take it. After this Guru Arjan composed a book by composing hymns of all gurus and saints of other religions, named ‘Granthasahib’ and got it installed at Harmandir.

The life of Guruji, who preached to the world with his holy words, was a very inspiring life of just 43 years. He also stood firm against social evils like sati. He was a spiritual thinker and preacher as well as a social reformer.

Guru Arjan Dev ji attained immortal martyrdom in 1606, chanting ‘Tera Kiya Meetha Lage / Hari Naam Padaratha Nanak Maage’. In his lifetime, Guruji attacked the pomp and superstition in the name of religion. Guru ji occupies the highest position in the spiritual world.

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