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Gudi Padwa 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

As you all know that India is a land of diverse people. There are different religious and cultural nature of people included so as there are several festivals celebrated in India as according to the beliefs of people and one of the famous festivals is Gudi Padwa or you can say (Samvatsar parvo).

Gudi Padwa 2021 date:-

Gudi Padwa is celebrated by the people of Maharashtra as it is a major festival of their tradition, the Gudi Padwa means the first day of the year as mentioned in the Hindu calendar also it is celebrated in the Chaitra month by Hindu calendar. According to the Maharashtrian, this festival is meant to be the starting day of the year or a kind of Maharashtrian NEW YEAR.

The day usually falls in March or in the first week of April. According to the Hindu Panchang, this festival is falling on 13th April 2021. The Gudi Padwa complies with two words Gudi (Brahma’s flag) and Padwa (means the initial day of the bright phase).

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Early Facts about Gudi Padwa: –

The Gudi Padwa meant to be celebrated by Marathi people as according to them it believed that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (a great Indian leader and a part of the Bhonsle Maratha clan) led victory to the troops over Mughal territory and defeated them. Henceforth the glorious victory of Shivaji Maharaj is celebrated as Gudi Padwa.

Another fact according to the Hindu Granth and Vedas define that Gudi Padwa is celebrated as Lord Brahma created the universe.

Also, it is believed that on this day lord ram with his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned from Ayodhya on the day from exile (vanvas) as mentioned in Vedas. Also, some people believed that lord ram defeated king Bali on the occasion of these days, although Gudi Padwa is a sign of victory over evil and brings prosperity.

Gudi Padwa 2021

How (Gudi Padwa) is Celebrated in India-

As all, we know Gudi Padwa lies between springtime and it is celebrated all over Maharashtra. On this beautiful occasion people buy new clothes from the shops also they clean their house well and a huge amount of people gather together and wish each other on this day. Rangolis are made in the courtyard of every home and each rangoli form different from each and other.

There is a tradition of oil bath which is taken on this day. The ethnic wear of the festival is kurta pajama for mean and sarees for women. A variety of traditional food is made in every home which is consumed after the prayer

Gudi Padwa is performed by men in which they form the shape of a pyramid and lies stand on each other shoulder to reach the top, there is a good hanging on top and all men try to climb and reach to Gudi to break it usually there is a coconut inside the Gudi.

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How Gudi Padwa is Performed: –

Gudi is made of bright and colourful silk-like cloth. The Kalash (a pot of bronze or silver) is at the top of a bamboo stick and tied by silk clothes. At the end of the top, there are several flowers, mango, and neem leaves attached to the Gudi it signifies prosperity and victory.

The best thing about this festival is the Gudi prasad which is made by the old Indian tradition containing jaggery seeds, tamarind, coconut, and neem.

The interesting thing about Gudi Padwa is also celebrated in another part of the Indian region like:

  • Ugadi (andra padesh and Telangana region)
  • Bihu (Assam)
  • Poila Boishakh (West Bengal)

Gudi Padwa Beliefs and Mythology: –

  • It is believed that hoisting Gudi at their home can bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity to the home
  • By hoisting Gudi it is believed that it will keep all the evil energy outside the home
  • It is also considered a harvest festival because it comes in the spring season
  • Many people consider buying Gold or a new vehicle as they think it is auspicious for them
  • Many people believe that it is a sign of a victory as on this day lord ram defeated Ravan and returned from Ayodhya with his wife (Sita) and brother (Laxman) from exile.

Gudi Padwa 2021

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