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Grandparents Day 2021 | World Famous Day

Grandparents Day is a special day which is celebrated all over the world. Grandparents are children’s libraries, sometimes their game center. They are good teachers and sometimes they become that person who supports them. They are the most experienced in our homes, therefore, they can explain and guide you the ways of living and getting established in life. Today our grandparents want nothing, but they want some time for their children. They also want to try to follow along with our generation. Grandparents Day is celebrated all over the world with the aim of honoring them and the children can spend time with them.

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The Story behind the Grandparents Day:-

The Story of Grandparents Day is started in the United States, there was a grandmother named Marion Macaude, who had 43 grandchildren. She wished that the relationship between the Grandparents and the Grand Children was good, that they spent time together, for which she launched a campaign in 1970. She wanted to make this day a national holiday so that all the children spend time with their grandparents, and the generation gap between them will get end. For 9 years, she ran this campaign, and then later president Jimmy Carter approved this day as a Grand Parent’s Day.

When is Grandparents Day 2021:-

On the occasion of this festival, we have seen a big celebration around the world and this day is celebrated on different dates in different countries, but in India, Grandparents Day is celebrated on 12th September 2021.

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Happy Grandparents Day

Best Gifts for Grandparents on Grandparents Day:-

On the occasion of Grandparents Day, you can give some gifts to your grandparents, as they will be happy after getting any gift from you. Here below we have given some gift suggestions for your reference, please have a look.

Eye Chain Glasses – It is often seen that the problem with the elderly that keep their glasses somewhere and they forget, then they have to search it all over the house, which is quite difficult for old people. In such a situation, this time you gift your grandparents a good eyeglass with a chain. By doing this they will always keep the glasses around their neck and will also avoid the problem of carrying it around.

Happy Grandparents Day

Cap or Hat – It is summer season and we all like to wear caps before stepping out of the house then why should Grandpa stay behind. If you want, you can give a personalized cap or hat with the words World Best Grandpa or My Favorite Man or Best Grand Father to your grandfather as a Grandparents Day gift.

Personalized Coffee Mug – Like the personalized cap, if you want, this time on the occasion of Grandparents Day, you can also gift a personalized coffee mug to your grandfather. This mug may have his picture on it, with the message World Best Grand Pa ever. He will use this mug on daily basis and will remember you whenever he sees or uses it.

Google Smart Speaker – If you want to give a hi-tech gift to your grandfather, then you can also gift him a Google smart speaker. This will also keep them always connected with the family and will fulfill their every need from listening to the news to listening to songs in one gesture.

Travel Kit – This is also a good gifting option. If your grandpa has to go out somewhere, he can keep everything he needs in one place in this travel kit or pouch, which will save him the hassle of searching for his things at different places.

Happy Grandparents Day

The way of express feelings to Grandparents:-

It is often seen the small children are the life of the grandparents and they love them a lot, and the same way small children love to their grandparents and they express their feelings in different ways according to their age. Here below we have mentioned some of the expression points which are majorly done by the grandchildren.

Grandparents Drawing – Most of the grandchildren try to make their grandparents drawing, and while making these drawings they try to keep it away from them, as they want to give this grandparent drawing as a gift to them.

Poem on Grandparents – Many of the children memorize a beautiful poem on Grandparents which they can tell to them on the occasion this day. Hearing such poems from grandchildren is a big gift for them.

Quotes for Grandparents – There are many grandchildren who write quotes for grandparents, like how they love them (grandparents love quotes), how they guide them, how they play with them, how they teach them, etc.

Greeting Card for Grandparents- There are a lot of grandchildren who love to make the greeting card for grandparents on this special day. They try to make it as good as they can do and they also write some beautiful messages on the card. I think getting such types of precious gifts are the best gift for our grandparents.

Happy Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day Activities:-

On the occasion of this day, we have seen many kinds of activities are organized in local society, schools, and playschools. There they ask small children to perform or do act like grandparents. Here are some common activities which are done by children on this day, like how grandparents wake up from bed or chair, how they run behind us and how they scold us, etc.

Short Essay on Grandparents Day:-

The feeling of the shelter of family elders in life is something unique. They are live evidence of our life history. Everyone loves their grandparents immensely. The relationship of a grandparent is more than that of a good friend. They not only give us a lot of love but also provide pearls of wisdom.

The elderly in each house is like a banyan tree with deep roots which has other members of the family in the form of branches. Elders have a role in every household. Which also gives us the right direction and gives shelter in our own shadow. Here we have written a short essay on Grandparents Day, which will tell you about the importance and value of grandparents in our lives.

Grandparents are a Good Guider: –

Friends, as we know, our grandparents truly provide the strongest bond to our family. And keep our family members together. They are good guides who always keep teaching and making us understand the good and bad things.

Friends, you will know that those who get the love of both parents and grandparents in their home, they get double everything in their life. Like double love, double experience, and double fun too. Grandparents are like the sun in our life because they help us to bring out many good qualities from us.

There are also many children in this world who are very unfortunate because they have not seen their grandparents and are deprived of the love and thoughts of the grandparents.

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Grandparents are a Good Teacher:-

Our grandfather always keeps teaching us how to respect elders, how to talk to elders. When we come after playing in the evening, the grandfather tells us that when we come from outside in the evening, then we should keep our shoes in a rack which helps to prevent dust and germs from outside.

They taught us that even touching a switchboard wire can cause an electric shock. Our grandparents have also taught us that when someone elder comes to our house, we should touch their feet and respect them.


Today we are all forgetting our values. I have a kind request to all of you that you all should respect your elders. Today, on the day of Grandparents Day, I would like to tell you that we all have to make people aware that we should not forget our rituals.

Friends, if you remove your elders from your home, then tell me one thing will you never grow old? Your children are growing up seeing you doing such shame, they would do the same to you. That is why I want to tell you to respect your elders. In the last, here I would like to say to all our readers that respect your elders (grandparents) and spend golden moments with them.

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