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Dahi Handi 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

Dahi Handi:- Janmashtami festival is considered very important in Hinduism since ancient times. On this day, the festivals held across the country depicting the pastimes of the birth of Lord Shri Krishna. Stories of the birth of Shri Krishna are heard. To celebrate the joy of the birth of Lord Krishna, young and children become Govinda and organize Dahi-Handi on the next day of Janmashtami.

In which everyone assumes the child form of Lord Krishna and becomes Govinda. In this festival, everyone is competing for the formation of breaking the Matkies (Urn). This festival is called Dahi Handi.

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What is Dahi Handi:-

On the next day of Janmashtmi festival, the youths’ troupes break a Dahi Handi (a kind of earthen pot filled with curd, honey, and milk) tied at a very high. For this, human beings build pyramids and participation rises on top of this pyramid and breaks the matki. Dahi-Handi competitions are organized in different regions of Maharashtra, Goa, Vrindavan, Mathura and many other places in India.

The team that breaks the Dahi Handi is declared the winner. To make the competition difficult, water splashes are also done on the participants. The one who crosses all these obstacles and breaks the Dahi-Handi is the winner. The special thing about this festival is that every youth who takes part in this competition is called Govinda.

When is Dahi Handi 2021:-

On the occasion of the Dahi-Handi festival, we have seen a special celebration in Vrindavan, Maharashtra, Goa, and many other places. According to the Hindu Panchang, Dahi Handi is falling on 31st August 2021.

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Dahi Handi

How the tradition of Dahi-Handi started (Dahi Handi Background):-

It is believed that when Lord Krishna was a child, he was very fond of eating curd, butter, etc. Due to his hobby, he started stealing curd from nearby neighborhoods, due to this, his name also became ‘Makhan Chor. He used to broke the Matki of Gawalins (village females) who come in the way. Lord Krishan’s friends also do the same thing with him. Gradually everyone started getting fed up with them, so they figured out a tip.

They started hanging up a pot at a good height where they started keeping Makhan and curd, and they considered that now no one can steal their Makhan. But Lord Krishna has decided to eat the Makhan and curd at any cost hence he and his friends started to think of a way to eat Makhan. (Dahi Handi Background)

And he found a much better way, he advised his all friends to make a circle and he climbed on that and broke the Matki and divide it among themselves. This was the way which was used by Lord Krishna to eat Makhan and Curd. Due to this incident, the Dahihandi festival has been celebrated.

Lesson through this festival:-

In this, the participants have to take considerable risks. But there is no limit to the happiness of victory. The biggest thing is the feeling of devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. At the same time, it is learned from this competition that no matter how difficult the goal is, but by working together in solidarity, success is definitely found in it. Lord Shri Krishna also gives this sermon to Arjuna through the Gita.


Janmashtami Dahi Handi Banner:-

During this festival, we have seen a huge number of Janmashtami Dahi Handi Banners and Janmashtami Dahi Handi Posters around us like in temples, markets, and streets. People make these banners to decorate the temples and to enjoy a big celebration on this Festival. During the festival, devotees sing the Janmashtami Dahi Handi song throughout the day. It is very easy to find a good collection of these Dahi Handi songs in the market before the festival starts.

Dahi Handi Matki Decorations:-

In the celebration of this festival, Dahi Handi Matki Decorations is one of the most important as it has to be tied at a good height among the crowd. Many people use different kinds of the decorative stuff to decorate the Matki. In many places, there is a Dahi Handi Matki Decorations competition also arrange before the celebration of this festival. Many teams take participate in this Matki Decoration competition and try their level best to decorate the Matki in a different and unique style.

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