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Christmas Day 2021 | World Famous Day

Christmas Day is a great festival and this festival is mainly celebrated by the Christian religion every year with great pomp in many places in the world. Christmas Festival is one of the biggest festivals of Christians, just like Diwali for Hindus and Eid for Muslims, which is celebrated in the Christian majority countries of the world on the 25th of the English month of December.

This festival comes every year in the winter season. This is an important festival of the Christian community, for which they start preparing for a long time. Christmas Day is the biggest festival of Christians, which is celebrated worldwide. Especially it is celebrated with full enthusiasm in the American continent and Europe. The whole family gathers on this day.

The Christmas tree which is the main attraction of this festival is decorated with colorful lights, gifts, and flowers. Where all the family walks around the Christmas tree. In the end, the cake is cut and the festival is completed with pomp. This festival is special for elders as well as children. Because on this day everyone gets the Christmas gift from Santa Claus. Children wait for Santa Claus all year round, while Santa is also known as the Christmas Father.

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Why is Christmas Day celebrated?:-

About 2000 years ago Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph. It is believed that his mother had become pregnant from divine wrath before marriage and Yusuf had a dream of getting married. Well, this is where Jesus was born. But they were threatened by King Herod. So Yusuf took them to Egypt. When King Herod died, Yusuf came to the village of Nathrej. When he was 12 years old, he lived among the preachers in the temples in Jerusalem for three years. At this young age, he answered all the questions. Which surprised everyone.

Then he returned to the village to join his father and learned carpentry from his father and started doing it. But his mind did not settle in it and went towards devotion. At the age of 30, he took a dip in the water with John. Then the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus. After fasting for 40 days, he started teaching people. Day by day his popularity started increasing. Due to which other religious leaders started getting jealous. Then he made a complaint to the Roman governor Pilate by making false accusations against him. Then the cruel governor crucified him.

It is believed that on the crucifix, Jesus Christ took the sins of all human beings on himself, so whoever believes in him will go to heaven. After 3 days of the death, a miracle happened that Jesus woke up again and after 40 days he went to heaven straight. Then 12 disciples of Jesus spread this religion, which is called Christianity.

Christmas Day


How Christmas Day is celebrated:-

On Christmas Day, the house is decorated very beautifully and the Christmas tree is brought into the house. Which they are decorated with colorful flowers and strips. Then in the evening, the whole family gathers and celebrates this festival. Jesus happily crucified on the cross for the well-being of mankind and gave the message to all to stay united. Therefore, this beautiful festival should be celebrated with pomp and the human message of Jesus must be conveyed to others.


When is Christmas Day in 2021:-

On the occasion of Christmas Day, we have seen a special celebration and official holiday in India and many other countries. According to the calendar, Christmas Day is falling on 25th December 2021.

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Some special things about the Christmas tree on Christmas Day:-

During the winter season, the Christmas tree is considered an ancient symbol of life. But no one knows where this tree was first used, but it is believed that it started in northern Europe several thousand years ago. It is said that in the beginning the Christmas tree was used in the chandeliers of Kshatriyas and hung upside down from the hooks of lights.

The Romans used evergreen branches to decorate their homes in winter, and in northern Europe, evergreen trees were cut and planted in their boxes inside their homes during Christmas time. According to another belief, when Jesus Christ was born, it was a very cold winter and due to the snowfall, the leaves had fallen from the trees all over the world and these trees gave birth to new green leaves.

Christmas Day


What is the symbolic form of the Christmas tree (Christmas Day)? – 

The Christmas tree is considered very auspicious as it represents stamina, rebirth, and life, which are essential for surviving the winter season. It is believed that during the winter months evil spirits are in their own strong position, during this time the use of this tree was to lighten the coldest conditions containing darkness, to lighten the positive situation, and ward off evil spirits.


Why is the Christmas tree decorated on Christmas Day? –

Decorating Christmas trees dates back to the time when people used to decorate trees that did not have leaves in the winter. They believed that when the leaves fall from the trees, the spirits of the trees leave them. This is the reason people thought to make Christmas trees beautiful, attractive, and live hence they started decorating the tree to attract holy spirits. The Christmas tree is so sacred that every year it is considered quite sacred in America. There are more than 25-30 million Christmas trees are sold each year in the United States.

Christmas Day


Who was Saint Nicholas?

Saint Nicholas was born in the third century after the death of Jesus in the city of Myra, Turkistan, and this Saint Nicholas is considered the father of Santa.  Today’s Christmas is incomplete without Santa. It is said that Saint Nicholas used to help people by dedicating his whole life to Lord Jesus. He used to help poor and needy people and also give gifts to them. No one could see him, that’s why he used to give gifts at midnight. This is the reason that even today children wait for Santa on this day.

Christmas Day


Great Thoughts of Jesus Christ:-

All of us should remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and do the welfare of our life by imbibing the great ideas given by him. His whole life is an indescribable example of love and forgiveness for the entire human race. This is what his life teaches us – love one another, serve humanity, forgive and pray for your enemies (when Jesus Christ was crucified he said – “Father forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing”)

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