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Chhath Puja 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

Chhath Puja:- Festivals are an important part of India’s diverse culture. There are many such festivals in India which are considered very difficult and one of these festivals is Chhath festival. Chhath is not only a festival but also called Mahaparv. In this four-day-long festival, the fasting has to be observed for about three days, out of which two days are kept Nirjali fast. This Chhath Puja festival comes two times in a year, the 1st Chhath comes in Chaitra and the 02 Chhath puja comes in Kartik month.

Chhath Puja is performed in Shukla Paksha on the 6th day of Kartik month. This worship is dedicated to Lord Surya, hence this day Lord Surya is worshipped. This festival is also known as Hatha Yoga, as the devotee has to be completely cultivated by the body and mind. During this, the worship of Sun God and Chhathi Maiya is considered to have special significance.

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Importance of Chhath Puja:-

According to mythological belief, Chhathi Maiya is the sister of Sun God. This is the reason that the Lord Sun is also worshiped in Chhath puja. Arghya is offered to them. Along with this, there is also a law to worship the Chhathi Mata on Chhath. It is said that Chhathi Maiya protects the children and gives them longevity, and the Chhath Vrat is observed for the protection of children and for their bright future and happiness in life. Scholars believe that by observing this fast with a sincere heart, one gets the result of hundreds of fasts. Many people keep this fast not only for their children but also to bring happiness and prosperity to the family. Unmarried girls and boys also observe this fast to wish for their bright future and worship the Sun God with reverence.


Chhath Puja Date in 2021:-

On the occasion of the Chhath Puja Festival, we have seen an official holiday in a few of the states in India. According to the Hindu Panchang, the Chhath Puja date is falling on 10th November 2021.


How to Celebrate Chhath Puja?:-

All devotees know about the fasting process and if anyone wants to start keeping this auspicious fast then here we have mentioned the same thing for your kind reference.


Nahay Khay on 1st day –

The whole house is cleaned on the first day on the occasion of Nahay Khay. After taking bath, the resolution of fast is taken. On this day devotee prepares gram dal, gourd vegetables, and roti, which is a traditional meal prepared on this day, and serves it as Bhog in the afternoon, this prepared food is consumed by all the family members. The next day the fast begins with Kharna.


Kharna on the 2nd day –

Kharana is the second day of Chhath Puja, where all the women observe Nirjala fast. This fast starts from sunrise and continues till sunset. Chhath Vratis break their fast in the evening only after worshiping the Sun. They mainly prepare kheer, sweets, as prasad and feed it to the family members.


First Arghya (Evening Arghya) on 3rd day –

This is the most important day of Chhath puja as this day women observe a fast for the day and open the fast the next day after seeing the sunrise. On Shashthi Tithi, in the evening, women offer Arghya to the Lord Sun by standing in a pond, river, or wherever water is available. During the day, the fasting people arrange various types of fruits, Thekua, rice laddus, etc. in a basket. In the evening time, devotees take all puja material in a basket, standing in the flowing water like a pond, river and worship the Sun along with all the family members together offer Arghya to the Sun.


Morning Arghya (Usha Arghya) on 4th day –

The festivities end on the fourth and final day when the devotees offer prayers to Usha Arghya i.e. the rising sun. It is believed that Usha is the wife of the Lord Sun. People worship at sunrise and then break their fast. Chhath Vrati has to go again to the same pond, canal, river where they went on the third day before the sun rises. On this day, by offering Arghya to the rising sun, prayers are offered to Lord Surya to fulfill their wishes. Other members of the family also offer Arghya to Suryadev along with the fast.

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Chhath Puja Material:-

Buy the bamboo baskets to keep all the offerings stuff of Chhath Puja. Arrange a glass and a Lota for milk and water. Apart from this, 5 sugarcane, in which leaves are attached, sweet potato, betel,  turmeric, betel nut, green plant of radish and ginger, A big lemon, custard apple, banana and pear, watery coconut, sweets, jaggery, wheat, rice Flour, Thekua, rice, vermilion, lamp, honey, and incense are used in Chhath Puja. Also, do not forget to take new clothes like suits or sarees for yourself.


Chhath Puja Vidhi:-

On the occasion of Chhat Puja, devotees should collect the following puja materials which are required and then offer Arghya to the Lord Surya by law.

  • 3 large bamboo baskets, milk, glasses, thali, and 3 soups made of bamboo or brass.
  • Red vermilion, sugarcane, Rice, coconut, turmeric, sweet potato, vegetable, Suthani and lamp.
  • Honey, betel leaf, Pear, camphor, big lemon, whole betel nut, Karava, sweets and sandalwood.
  • Take Thekua, semolina pudding, kheer-pudi, malpua, rice laddus as prasad.

Method of offering Arghya- Keep the above material in a bamboo basket and then light a lamp and keep the lamp in soup. Now devotee needs to offer Arghya to the Sun, hence the devotee should descend into the river and perform Puja of Surya Dev and then offer Arghya to the Lord Sun.



History of Chhath Puja:-

When did Chhath Puja start, it has been told in mythology about when the worship of Lord Sun started. In Chhath Puja, the Sun God (Lord Surya) and Chhathi Maiya are worshiped with rituals. It has been told in mythology about when Chhath Puja started, and when the worship of the Sun started. It belongs to Lord Shri Ram in Satyuga, and in Dwapar Yug it belongs to Danveer Karna, and Pandav’s wife Draupadi. There is a story related to the worship of Chhathi Maiya, that of King Priyavand, who was the first to worship Chhathi Maiya.


Chhath festival started from Mahabharata period:-

According to Hindu belief, the Chhath Puja festival was started in the Mahabharata time as Suryaputra Karna was the person who worshipped the Sun and offered Arghya to the Lord Sun. The Karna worshipped lord Sun by standing in the water of the lake, pond, or river daily. It is considered that, by the grace of Lord Surya, Karna became very powerful and a great warrior. Because of his dedication and offering Arghya to Lord Sun this tradition has been started and also follow on Chhath Puja.



Chhath fast was kept by Draupadi:-

There is another story about the Chhath festival. According to this legend, in Mahabharat times, when the Pandavas lost all the royal court and everything in gambling, Draupadi observed Chhath fast. After keeping this fast, her wish was fulfilled and the Pandavas able to receive back their everything. According to folk tradition, it is considered that the Lord Sun God and Chhathi Mayya are siblings. This is the reason worshipping of Lord Sun on Chhath Puja is considered very auspicious and fruitful.


King Priyavad Story:-

Apart from these stories, another legend is also prevalent. According to the Puranas, a king named Priyavad had no children. He tried his best for this, but to no avail. Then Maharishi Kashyap advised the king to perform Putrayeshti Yagya in order to get a child. After the yajna, the queen gave birth to a son, but he was born dead. The whole city was mourned by the news of the dead child of the king. It is said that when the king took the dead child in his lap and walked towards the crematorium, being very sad, he wanted to kill himself at that very moment, only then a luminous plane from the sky landed on the earth. The goddess sitting in it said, ‘I am Shashti Devi and the protector of all the children of the world.’ Saying this, the goddess touched the dead body of the infant, from which he became alive. Since then, the king has announced to celebrate this festival in his kingdom.


Lord Rama did Chhath Puja:-

According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, when Lord Rama, Sita Mata, and Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya after their 14 years of exile, then Lord Rama did the Surya puja and offer Arghya to Lord Sun.


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