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Chaitra Navratri 2021 | Famous Hindu Festival

Chaitra Navratri is one of the most auspicious and holy Hindu festivals which is also known as Vasant Navratri. In the Hindu religion, this festival comes four times a year. The name of all 04 Navratri’s is Chaitra Navratri, Shardiya Navratri, Magh Navratri and Ashadh Navratri. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga and its 09 other different goddess forms. This festival goes for 09 days and sometimes when Gupt Navratri included then it goes for 08 days only.

Chaitra Navratri 2021:-

Chaitra Navratri festival comes in Chaitra month (According to the Hindu calendar) and it is the first month of the Hindu calendar which is also known as Hindu New Year. This festival comes during the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra masa and this Chaitra masa falls between March and April. It is believed that, if anyone does the worships by full and true of heart, mind, devotion and lawfully on all 09 days during the Navratri festival, then Goddess Durga fulfils all his/her wishes.

Chaitra Navratri 2021

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All 09 Avatars of Durga Mata (Chaitra Navratri):-

During the Chaitra Navratri all the devotee worship for all 09 Avatars of Durga Mata. Here below we have mentioned all avatar’s name for your kind reference.

  1. Shailaputri Mata.
  2. Brahmacharini Mata.
  3. Chandraghanta Mata.
  4. Kushmanda Mata.
  5. Skandamata Mata.
  6. Katyayani Mata.
  7. Kaalratri Mata.
  8. Mahagauri Mata.
  9. Siddhidhatri Mata.


Importance of Chaitra Navratri:

According to the scriptures, it is believed that Mother Durga was born on the day of Chaitra Navratri, and Brahma created the earth on her request. On the very first day of Chaitra Navratri, the sun’s ray fell on the earth. Therefore, the Hindu New Year begins on this day. Lord Vishnu was established on the third day of Chaitra Navratri by taking the first incarnation in the form of Matsya. After this, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu has taken as Lord Rama, also took place in Chaitra Navaratri. Hence Chaitra Navratri has great importance from the religious point of view.

Here is the Scientific Reason:-

If we look at this festival from a scientific point of view, then Navratri comes between the 2 seasons time, which means when there is a congregation of two seasons. During that time, the adjustment of vata (Vaat), bile (Pitt), phlegm (Cough) in the body increases. The immune system becomes weak. In such a situation, by strengthening the immune system, worshiping the mother for nine days, and fasting, leading a disciplined life leads to the cleanliness of the body. Meditation purifies the mind and the atmosphere is purified by havan and our immunity increases.

Chaitra Navratri 2021 dates:-

On the occasion of the Chaitra Navratri Festival, we have seen an official holiday on Ashtami & Navami (08 & 09th day of the festival) in many of the states in India. According to the Hindu Panchang, Chaitra Navratri is falling from 13th April to 22nd April 2021.

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Puja Vidhi of Chaitra Navratri 2021:-

  • First of all, we should wake up early in the morning at the Chaitra Navratri festival and take bath.
  • Use clean soil or clay to make the altar at any clean and holy place of the house.
  • Sow wheat and barley seeds on the altar. Worship the earth on the altar place and install an urn of gold, silver, copper or clay there (you can choose according to your budget).
  • After this, put green mango leaves, durva, panchamrit in the urn and tie the sutra on its mouth. Worship Ganesh after establishing the Kalash.
  • After this, on the edge of the altar, place any metal, stone, clay and statue of the Goddess by law.
  • After that, worship the statue with posture, pedestal, semi, achmay, bath, cloth, odor, intact, floral, incense, lamp, naivedya, achman, wreath, salutation, prayer etc. After this, read Durga Saptashati, praise Durga. After reading the text, distribute the prasad by performing the aarti of Durga ji.
  • After this, provide the girl with food and then consume fruit.
  • You can offer some Dakshina to girls as it is considered that this Dakshina goes to Goddess Durga.

Chaitra Navratri 2021

Chaitra Navratri Wishes & Messages:-

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