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Army Day:- It is the courage of the Indian Army that whether it is bone-chilling winter or skin-scorching heat, day or night, they guard the country properly on the borders of their country round the clock. Along with this, the activity of the army is also heard in the internal security and divine disasters. Following this glorious tradition, the Army celebrates ‘Indian Army Day’ every year on 15 January. Along with displaying their strength on this special day, and also remembers that day with full devotion and reverence. This day has great importance.

There are 53 cantonments and 9 bases all over India. Indian army comes in the best 4 armies in the world. The whole of India is proud of the Indian Army. These armies protect India day and night in the service of India 365 days a year. Even in today’s time, the Indian Army is ready to protect India on every border of the country. Whenever there is a possibility of a terrorist attack in India, our army gives a befitting reply to every dilemma.


Purpose of celebrating National Army Day:-

Indian Army Day was established by the British on 1 April 1895. The British government named it ‘British Indian Army’. After independence from the British in 1947, it was named ‘National Army’, but even after independence, the original British military officer was appointed as the head of the National Army. On 15 January 1949, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa was made the first army chief of independent India in place of Commander General Francis Butcher. In this way, he became the first army chief of democratic India. In fact, Cariappa had successfully led the army in the Indo-Pakistani War in 1947. In order to honour Cariappa, he was given the title of ‘Field Marshal’. In view of the importance of this special day from the point of view of the Indian Army, the Government of India announced to celebrate ‘Army Day’ on 15 January 1949, since then the tradition of ‘Indian Army Day’ continues.


Who was K. M. Cariappa (Army Day)?:-

Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa was born in 1899 in the Coorg district of Karnataka. His father Kodandera was a revenue officer. When Cariappa was only 20 years, he joined the British Indian Army and later he led the Indian Army during the Indo-Pak war. He was given the prestigious ‘Order of the British Empire’ for defeating the Japanese in Burma in World War II. He retired from the Indian Army in 1953. He died in 1993 at the age of 94.


How to Celebrate Army Day?:-

The Indian forces guarding the Indian borders day and night have a proud history. On this day, His Excellency the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Defense Minister and the Army Chiefs of all the three wings pay tribute to the martyrs, who laid down their lives for the security of the motherland and the integrity of the nation, at the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ built at India Gate in the capital Delhi. On this special day, the army chiefs honour the brave soldiers and the widows of martyrs who gave martyrdom in the war with army medals and other awards. Along with this, the Ministry of Defense runs many schemes for the welfare of retired soldiers, veterans, widows, and provides them with a pension, Sainik school for children, housing at affordable cost, best health facilities etc.

On this day, parades are organized in all the six command headquarters of the army including Delhi. The army demonstrates its firepower, presents the model of the time of war, and makes the world feel its power by showcasing its strength and weapons, as well as encouraging the youth of the country to join the army. also inspires. Military guests and families of soldiers are also invited to these shows. In the evening, the army chief organizes a tea party, in which the Supreme Commander of the three armies, the Prime Minister, President of India, and their cabinet’s members include.


Army Day


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When was the formation of the Indian Army (Army Day)?:-

There are 53 cantonments and 9 army bases of the Indian Army across the country, but when the first Indian Army was formed, it was under the East India Company government in 1776. The Indian Army started as a contingent of the East India Company, later becoming the British Indian Army and then the current Indian Army. It took part in many campaigns and battles around the world.


Description of Indian Army (Army Day):-

The Indian Army gives a befitting reply to the enemy when the opportunity arises. He stands firm till the last moments. The soldiers of India protect the countrymen on the border regardless of the weather, whether it is summer or winter. The Indian Army has three divisions:- Navy, Army, and Air Force. Our Indian Army is the third-largest army in the world. Indian soldiers are very brave, due to which they fight against every problem even in the absence of technical weapons. Behind the defeat and victory of the Indian Army are their discipline and their understanding. The life of army soldiers is very painful and full of difficult situations because, for the sake of the country, they not only have to stay away from their family members but also protect the country from bad people by keeping their lives on their hands.

His family members also pray for his well being at all times and send their young son to the outskirts to perform his duty towards the motherland. The Indian Army does not protect the country only by staying on the border, but when there is any difficulty within the country, then they are ready to help there as well. Whenever there is a flood, earthquake in the country, then the people of the army help them, and food reaches them. Indian Army has shown its courage and intelligence whenever enemies have attacked the country. Indian army sacrifices everything for the country that is why the system of India should provide all facilities to the soldiers of the army. High technical equipment should also be brought for them and there should be a good arrangement for the soldiers. We all are proud of the Indian Army which is the honour of our country. It is only the army of our country, due to which we are living our life without any worries and fun. We should respect our Indian Army.


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Army Day

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